GCM & mess bills- do we still have to pay

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by crazyk, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. With the introduction of GCM and reduced MTD's me and a few other mess members were wondering that because we can't train as much do we still need to pay a mess bill. We currently pay £10.00 per month but i have used all MTD's up so wont be training again untill Apr. Should we say were not training therefore shouldn't get a mess bill or should we suggest at the next mess meeting that we stop paying mess bills alltogether. Also have is the average mess bill accross the TA

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  2. Interesting question. I presume most people have no issue over mess bills if they fail to turn up for a few weeks. How do people feel if they are told that they can't turn up but are still expected to pay mess bills.
  3. Level of subs should be dictated by how much the mess is used. Seeing as you don't get paid for mess events, mess activity shouldn't be affected by GCM (maybe). As a non-public service fund, income should roughly equal expenditure in the year, so if mess activity is reduced, you will be accumulating funds year on year, which you should not be doing, therefore subs should be reduced. In anycase, as an officer or SNCO, it's your mess so raise the issue at the next mess meeting.
  4. Another unintended consequence.....

    On another matter and without wishing to restart an old debate but how can you run out of MTDs? Is this code for your Regional Brigade being duffers and only allocating 27 days?
  5. Interesting thread. You want to be paid to pay your mess bills? You want a pension for your 'hobby' too. One army? Only when it suits you.
  6. Rightly or wrongly mess subs are seen as an expense, to be offset against TA pay. A reduction in training is very likely to be accompanied by a reduction in mess activity. There will inevitably be resistance to paying mess subs when there is no training and mess activity in a month. This will lead to the messes becoming unviable and their eventual demise. This will reduce incentives to achieve promotion and further weaken unit cohesion. The GCM does not fit the model of independent units, period!
  7. arrse !
  8. How much of your £10 is Mess Subscriptions ie upkeep of the Mess, and how much is Entertainments?

    Subs should be at the level required to ensure your Mess can meet all of it's outgoings, such as insurance/licences etc. In a TA Mess this should not be a huge sum. In my Mess we had a moratorium on subscriptions for a while as we were building up a fund that we weren't going to spend. GCM shouldn't impact on that expense at all.

    You can reduce Entertainments to nil, if your Mess isn't organising any functions, although GCM shouldn't impact your Social Calendar - if anything it gives you more weekends free where you can plan functions that don't clash with training.
  9. Spot on - unintended consequences.....I'm not sure it fits anything remotely related to tone and the moral component
  10. In my unit I pay £24 a month and get to use my mess on a tuesday night, there is no accomadation in my mess and if trainning is suspended for a whole month say august cuase the CO wants even more time off we cant even use it on drill nights, in a regular unit five you live and eat in your mess its your home. If you did a part time activity that wants £300+ a year off you but for large chunks of the year tells you you can't attend you would have objections to paying it. I dont do the TA for the money but I am not in it for it to cost me money either but we have been told we have to pay it or leave, and our next mess meeting is apparently in january so we cant even vote in a change of mess costs. Plus we have to share our mess bar with the officers and being at an RHQ location I dont feel welcome in my bar when certain people are about not mentioning our CO at all here
  11. 27 days !!!! 27 days !!! Blimey o'reily...some of us in the National TA world DREAM of 27 days you know. I'd suggest you just use the mess more and get your money's worth out of it...after all you're a paid up member so kick the arse out of it.
  12. Ours is a combined Mess (club) ranging from Cpls to the CO, it's also for all students at the RTC(S) less phase 1, although they can buy their 2 cans and various other soft drinks. Our 'Mess' bills vary with rank, mine is £7.
  13. our mess isnt too well organised

    we pay one days pay a year - but as a mess we have managed to have one function last year, then we as a mess have to meet and discuss the issue

    GCM = less days = less use of mess should equal less bills