GCM - Coming ready or not, end effect?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Unknown_SPSI, Feb 22, 2011.

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  1. Just been offically informed that the GCM is going to be implemented as of 1st April. 27 days in total for Pte rank, all MTDs are non transferable as JPA will not allow it, which basically means even if you have one guy on say only 5 MTDs , you can't "spread" the "spare" 22 MTDs to the good attenders. Even with the uplift to those who have volunteered for Ops in the Trg Year to 53 the question is will this encourage individuals to volunteer for Ops more or will this force those who are just in for the all the MTDs they can cram in to pack it in as the TA will not be financially worth the effort?

    Personally I hope it is a bit of both
  2. It's going to be fun for staff at RTCs.....we train a minimum of 22w/e per year, throw in various support for Summer Challenge etc
  3. Totally agree, needs to be some special considerations for training establishments.
  4. Is that a shit bust 27 days? As certainly in my role (and I suspect for others) it will mean I'll be unable to retain any sort of currency
  5. Do you have a reference or is this just hearsay? Certainly the RLC implementation plan differs seems to disagree with your assertion (at least the last draft I saw did).
  6. Currency and competence will be a major issue, but the 27 days are broken up as 15 days camp, 2 MATT weekends(5 days) leaving 28 drill nights ( 7 days). the reason being if your not commited to an Op tour then why do you need any more? Land's words not mine!
  7. Hopefully I'll be able to sync with my guys so I can write the MPARS and SJARS before I run out of days.
  8. Land seriously needs to get out more...!
  9. For an infantry unit, and many other units, yes.

    For units that have a specialist role, and need to practise that role, no! Presumably there will have to be exemptions on a, unit by unit, and individual, basis. If not, this is beaurocracy gone mad.

    Most of us go through hoops with employer/family to attend camp. The hoops are worth going through for the overall package. However if it is camp, plus a few days. Not worth the hassle!
  10. It may be time to consider binning the 15 day camp, which is becoming a mandatory nuisance, and let units plan/utilise their MTDs without the constriction of this annual Main Effort.
  11. I stand by to be corrected by a JPA guru but I am unaware of any mechanism that stops paying folk at a specific number of days. I have heard of plans to centralise the pay budget so that Bdes cannot flex money between units but thats still not going to stop folk being paid if the pay-wallah puts the numbers in.

    Clarification needed but this sounds like an in-unit bit of "direction" rather than an actual "system".
  12. Do MTD go from pril to March? Or Jan to Dec?
    If Jan to Jan I think I may be fcuked ..
  13. April to March!
  14. what the **** are the Perm staff going to fill there time with if they only have to organise ADE and 2 weekends a year might aswell post the regulars back to there units and sack all the nrps and just have an traing cpl per battalion/regt
  15. Well if you volunteer for ops then they could plan all the weekends you are going to need for your pre tour Trg before you go on your UNIT FTX, CALFEX, MRX, OPTAG, Lidd and Hythe etc not to mention your STA training so you are up to speed with your competencies.