GCHQ on R4 - 302000 MAR

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Charm_City, Mar 29, 2010.

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  1. Might interest some on this board

    More at


  2. Similar Gordon Carrera article in the Sunday Times

    Do I detect a loosening of the cord on the plaid winceyette dressing gown?

    What could possibly be revealed?

    I suspect nothing other than a second winceyette dressing gown.
    (From Polo Homewear or LLBean with stripes and a few stars, instead of plaid?)

    Will Private MI get similar access and is Mick Smith out of favour now , or just too close to the truth?

    Only those anonymous arrse lurkers, formerly from the Acorn Club, can tell the truth.
  3. What is your opinion?
  4. Ask me after I've heard it. I expect it will be totally anodyne, but it is an interesting (and in my youth, unthinkable) development in the way the agencies interact with the media.

  5. Doing a few interviews on "the Street" is hardly getting to the heart of the "ultra secret listening station;" there's a Caffe Ritazza on it, for gawds sake ! I doubt if anyone from the BBC would get further than that.
  6. Doubtless they're feeling a bit left out what with the more 'glamorous' types in SIS and Security Service having published, or intending to publish, histories and been respectively the subject of a previous R4 series or TV programme
  7. Saw that as well, Leveller. Bloody cheek. SIS have probably got an account with all the Saville Row artisans. What have we got...The Famous and Primark opposite.
  8. ... and then 'forget' you no longer work as a spook when you appear before the beak. All very odd.

  9. With a memory like that he must have been a cryptologist ?
  10. I dunno, there's some in there that look like they've 'been dipped in glue and thrown through Oxfam's window' (stolen phrase, source unknown!).
  11. Aint called the funny farm for nothing :p