Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Feb 25, 2004.

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  1. So then if I have this right a woman who is DV cleared (at least) gobs off to the world......splits on some ultra "under the quilt with a torch" stuff and then get's away scott f u ckin' free!! Am I bitter and twisted............? You better f u ckin believe it....and as for the DVA tw ats.............. :evil: Currently only fuc kin SC and now thoroughly pis*ed off!!!!! :evil:
  2. It's even worse that she's all over the news as if she's won the case when in fact the case was dropped as it would have brought out the whole 'can of worms' as to why we actually went to war in Iraq, when the weak government would rather we forgot about it until after they are re-elected (as if!!).

    I would be very surprised if she still has her vetting and as such her job, but that would give her grounds for an industrial tribunal surely :x
  3. Even worse P-P had to revert to Cap badge; Career flyer ? I think not! ( :cry: 8O However the thrust of my post ultimately is (however not hinted at) who ultimately has allowed this woman to assume the ability to decide the legality of GW2 and thus supercede the Governments Legal Supremo............(yes it was all going so well until I forgot his title!) Either she has commited Treason, by disclosing inf etc JSP blah blah (340 is a heads up) in the case of a Legal war or, she was morally correct and attempted to prevent an illegal Act of War 8O.
  4. More worrying than the bit about legal / illegal war, are the implications (and very far reaching they might be) to the intelligence services. Whichever part of the govt made this decision clearly gave little or no thought to the long term implications. (I imagine far greater emphasis was placed on the short term implications, like keeping the Attorney General of the stand, thus avoiding the thorny issue of just how legal or otherwise Telic was!)

    It is possible that it was decided this case might blow holes in the Official Secrets Act. I don't know how, as she had admitted doing what she was accused of - ie giving secret information to uncleared sources. Anyone doing that could quite easily compromise the sources of any information they bring into the public domain, whether it is collected technically or by people. That's really going to make life easier for the intelligence services then! (It's ok, just so long as TB can steer away from those messy problems, right?!)

    However, by failing to follow through the prosecution the government have now handicapped their control of the intelligence services, not to mention potentially compromising those same services. How? Simple, now any nosher with an axe to grind (however consciensciously) can spill the beans and use this case as a precedent.

    Put it this way, up to today, you might have thought long and hard about doing something like that. Today, the barriers you imagine to be in place were just cut in half. And all this from a government that promised us joined up thinking! On current performance I'd question their ability to do joined up writing!!!!
  5. Does this mean David Shaylor was falsely imprisoned....and then that he is is eligible for compensation for an abuse of his Human Rights i.e The Right to Free Speech......after DVA I feel an invasion of privacy......yes.still bitter and twisted ........even more so than a bunch of lemons at a Parisian bell ringers convention who are drinking gin 8O

    As for the legality ...surely this decision leaves the way open for a judgement on the legality of the war..after all ....it was either legal (she committed treason..) or it was illegal (she was morally and legally obliged to blow the whistle).
    2nd edit................Nice fec kin claim for unlawfull dismisal after all you cant be booted out of your job without a legal reason....and lets face it ..she never retired
    Spelling error :oops:
  6. She breached security and broke the official secrets act plain and simple, whether she was moraly right or not doesnt matter, who is she to decide what information should be disclosed to the public? In my opinion she should have been tried for treason and publicaly executed in trafalger square the same goes for
    david shayler and all those other cretins who think it is ok to jepordise soldiers lifes by disclosing classified information.

    A little harsh maybe but a lose round may kill one, a lose mouth can kill hundreds, enough said? :twisted:
  7. Yeah you and I know that...we are Principled and follow a written rule of law, which if we breach we expect to be punished for.....she clearly broke that law..admitted to doing so and so as El Gringo says has blown holes in the OSA, however it is the Government that has set precedent in this case...........so what is exactly is the defenition nowadays of a treasonous act? :?
  8. It seems now a days you have to blow up the Houses of parliament, set fire in a naval dock yard, then shag the Queen to be accused of treason? Sounds like fun, except the Queen thing obviously :twisted:
  9. The issue here is that the Dear Leader decided that if this case came to trial then the question of the legality of the war could be questioned, and so he has decided not to prosecute in order to protect his own odious interests.

    Marvellous what you can do when you own the Lord Chancellor, isn't it?
  10. :lol: lol :lol:

    nothing like division of power eh
  11. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/3488548.stm

    Er.. stating the bloomin obvious. Are people only realising now that spies spy on people? Trying to gain information that is advantageous for our politicians?

    And do people not think that nations (such as our African friends on the UNSC) spy on us also?

    Politics and Spying are dirty professions. And people who work for Int organisations should realise that they sometimes have to do dirty work. They take the money, they sign the OSA, and they should keep their mouth's shut.
  12. it mocks the whole political ideology of seperation of powers, they dont even pretend to have seperation of powers anymore :?
  13. where have i seen all this before, oh yes..................

    So you see, Blackadder, Field Marshal Haig is most anxious to eliminate all these XXXXXX spies.
    Melchett: Filthy Hun weasels fighting their dirty underhand war!

    Darling: And, fortunately, one of *our* spies--
    Melchett: Splendid fellows, brave heroes, risking life and limb for Blighty!
  14. Im glad she did it, shows how underhanded the septics were trying to be.
    Doubt shell get another job that requires her to be DV'd though :wink:

    sounds a bit like those glorious French resistance fighters opposed to those cowardly Iraqi terrorists dont you think?
  15. HVM Boy wrote:

    Right! That's what they do. Spys spy, on friends, neutrals and enemies, for political, military, social/domestic security and order, and economic advantage. Didn't the Israelis spy on the Spams some years back using an Elmer called Walker? In international politics, friends spy on friends.

    Do you call the Unit Security Officer as soon as you find the old man's safe open after he's off home/ashore, or do you read everything of interest first?

    Mizz Gun, formerly of GCHQ can't tell the difference between what would really be an abuse of the Security Service advantage ( for example, please help us spy on Senator Kerry, because the shaved chimp hopes to discredit him in the lead up to the election), and "please help us spy on some knob from fcuking Ghana 8O who heads an lame duck of an organisation who we all pay lipservice to (and the Spams fund to the nth degree and give it a home in NooYawk) but hold in contempt."

    Bliar is on TV, journos are banging on about how terrible spying on nice old Kofi is. A journo has just posed Bliar the question, would you approve of prosecuting Clare Short? Now we're talking.