Is GCC is half way through :eek: ... any division yet?
                   and whats with those

              "SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN ???"

            BATES 25 destroy.. 'GCC 19 refuse'

        or what you Gods Chosen Children?????????
what does the rest of the  
                       ROYAL REGIMENT OF ARTILLERY
Ref: Special needs I've heard it is but a few that are distributing the tar if you know what I mean :-/

According to the vine anyway :-X

What colour is your Honda Hondarider ;)
I hear you cse 18 puffs did well on the board? By now you should be asking WOTS GOING ON! or get me outa here would be better...

Hondarider will have a big red shiny one.
Suppose it depends on how you define "chosen". Do you mean chosen by ability and knowledge or chosen by the select words of an officer who writes a good CR and fully understands the reporting system?

Wouldn't an entrance exam followed by an end of course exam which should be pass or fail (i believe this is how the REME tiffy cse is run) be better. After all when did someone last fail GCC?

Considering the career benefits of GCC the RA should strive to select correctly and i don't believe the current system is up to it. Pity the poor sod whose BC is crap at CRs and remains at RD; remember that a GCC "bad un" will invariably beat a non-GCC "good un" Opinions?
They think they are.

I wish they'd shut up and let us get on with the jobs that the Royal Regiment has spent at least a few short months training us to do.  Some of them are alright but I wish the BSM would get on with humping ammo rather than screwing around the gun position.  Bit of a shock for him when he's actually got to do a job in BATARRSE, rather than having German safety dictate exactly what he does on Hohne or Munster South.
Good last point.

And I agree with the one about CRs, I've seen some real wasters.. and I hate to say it but most were from worst RHA (and thats not 3rd or 7th by the way) :-[
No system is perfect and I agree that some are not up to the job and probably should not attend a GCC. That said I believe that is usually the exception to the rule!

I also agree on the point of CR's, but you will not keep a good man down and quality will always show, and they are the people who get on and GCC is not an issue for them. We have all seen the BSM and RSM who do not have the LS & CG, mainly due to having a to good a time as a Gnr/JNCO/Gnr and onwards.

So stop the winging and get on with it. Do not look to far forward get on with the job in hand and if you are good enough and stay the course you will get the promotion you deserve.

If you don't like it about turn and march out. there is always a job in civvy street waiting!
As a side argument to this do you not think that the idea of GCC is backlogging promotions within regiments due to the fact of soldiers not eligible for the course staying in their present ranks from Bdr upwards, thus holding up promotions lower down. Also could this be resolved by shortening the end time bar at the end of the course?
roundscomplete said:
We have all seen the BSM and RSM who do not have the LS & CG, mainly due to having a to good a time as a Gnr/JNCO/Gnr and onwards.
LS&GC is just about not getting caught or good topcover!
                       ROYAL REGIMENT OF ARTILLERY
My Tee Shirt says NONE in big letters.

I Thank You - SWIFT AND BOLD!!!!!

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