GCC Bad Boy Battles Booze While Driving


Cheers for that loser, fatty is real good friend of mine and is taking quite badly, i feel for him, we've all been there. only joking F#ck the lispy nig


X19GNR said:
Fattys going Down. D and D does not bode well on GCC.
I have spoken to the guy and he is pretty gutted. There was another done for D&D but it was before GCC but it didn't seem to do him any harm (big bone of contention). The fact being that everyone has woken up the day after a function and more than likely been over.
Seems to me that 1st have a bit of a prob with the old D&D, firstly nibbler ,(the big bone of contention) as quoted by larkillian still bemused as to how he got away with that one, and now DB one of Gods Chosen Children on course, only 2 incidents i know but an interesting stat not all will be aware of. 1st in the last 4 years have had more D&D convictions than any other uk based Gnr Regt, this in my opinion is down to the consistantly lenient attitude of the Regt'l C of C. As the song goes "Things can only get better" now that M-----ll OBE has gone and his right hand man with his Realy Stupid Methods is about to do the same we can all return to a regt with a robust and sensible attitude to discipline that will put 1st by name 1st by nature back where it belongs, hopefully into suspended animation and resurect the mighty 2nd a proper Gnr regt back to the right of line. Eagles, the glorious Nery and Rockets ere, Rockets there, Rockets every Fcukin where

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