GC presented by HMQ

should have been the VC but as it was the Spams doing the shooting it only warrants a GC.

Just hope the Tabloids let him get on with his life and we don't get lurid headlines next time he's down town with his mates.


War Hero
Here's the citation

Trooper Finney, a young armoured vehicle driver with less than a year's service, was driving the leading Scimitar vehicle of his troop, which had been at the forefront of action against enemy armour for several hours. In the early afternoon, the two leading vehicles paused beside a levee to allow the troop leader to assess fully the situation in front. Without warning, they were engaged by a pair of Coalition Forces ground attack aircraft. Both vehicles were hit and caught fire, and ammunition began exploding inside the turrets. Trooper Finney managed to get out of his driving position and was on the way towards cover when he noticed that his vehicle's gunner was trapped in the turret. He then climbed onto the fiercely burning vehicle, at the same time placing himself at risk from enemy fire, as well as fire from the aircraft should they return. Despite the smoke and flames and exploding ammunition, he managed to haul out the injured gunner, get him off the vehicle, and move him to a safer position not far away, where he bandaged his wounds.

The troop officer, in the other Scimitar, had been wounded and there were no senior ranks to take control. Despite his relative inexperience, the shock of the attack and the all-too-obvious risk to himself, Trooper Finney recognised the need to inform his headquarters of the situation. He therefore broke cover, returned to his vehicle which was still burning, and calmly and concisely sent a lucid situation report by radio. He then returned to the injured gunner and began helping him towards a Spartan vehicle of the Royal Engineers which had moved forward to assist.

At this point, Trooper Finney noticed that both the aircraft were lining up for a second attack. Notwithstanding the impending danger, he continued to help his injured comrade towards the safety of the Spartan vehicle. Both aircraft fired their cannon and Trooper Finney was wounded in the buttocks and legs, and the gunner in the head. Despite his wounds, Trooper Finney succeeded in getting the gunner to the waiting Spartan. Then, seeing that the driver of the second Scimitar was still in the burning vehicle, Trooper Finney determined to rescue him as well. Despite his wounds and the continuing danger from exploding ammunition, he valiantly attempted to climb up onto the vehicle, but was beaten back by the combination of heat, smoke and exploding ammunition. He collapsed exhausted a short distance from the vehicle, and was recovered by the crew of the Royal Engineers' Spartan.

During these attacks and their horrifying aftermath, Trooper Finney displayed clear-headed courage and devotion to his comrades which was out of all proportion to his age and experience. Acting with complete disregard for his own safety even when wounded, his bravery was of the highest order throughout.

Says it all.
Hell of a story!!

Would be nice to think they'd also give him ten minutes in a locked room with one of the spam pilots. :twisted:


manchestermonkey said:
Well done that man, fcuking SPAM twats though. When will they fcuking learn :evil:
agreed they did it before in GW1 and afghanistan even now they are jumping at shadows and cancelling flights
It's nothing new - read Spike Milligan's war memoirs and you'll find that they got strafed more by the Spams in North Africa and Italy than by the luftwaffe.
When it happened for the umpteenth time near Monte Cassino, they shot the b*gger down! The P38 pilot (with 'The Oklahoma Kid' painted on his flight jacket) was apparently quite put out to be held at gunpoint by the battery commander...
vespa said:
while im pleased for him , if i was in his position i would also be feeling "suvivors guilt" he survived and won a gong while one of his mates is dead.

Incredible citation, should have been the VC not the GC.
An amazing young man.

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