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Anyone watch this tonight - another stunning example of justice for our over worked NHS staff who have been victims of GBH from patients. Some of it was eye opening stuff.

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socialdespatch said:
It's more common than you'd think and it's certainly under reported.

Yeah, they spoke to staff who don't report it because nothing gets done, and when it does rarely get to court the judge don't back the staff either.

The guy on the kidney machine should be binned from treatment.

BT. :frustrated:


Just tatto denied treatment on them .After a few bleed to death the message will get through.Anyone got the recipe for solyent green :pissedoff:


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My personal view is that they should lose their right to treatment after a second offence.

The other argument that grips my shit is when they categorise everyone with mental health issues / Learning difficulties as 'not being responsible for their actions'. What they mean is 'we sold all the mental hospitals off'.

4 hours waiting in x-ray, multiple 'oops i've got your x-ray wrong,i'll have to do it again! No of course you don't need gonad shielding!' (not only makes you feel better but removes them from the gene pool at the same time.)
Also using HUGE needles to give injections, induction of catheters into the japs eye without numbing gel,failing to let local take hold before starting to stitch...we have MANY MANY devious and 'caring' ways of getting our own back!!
bigbird67 said:
induction of catheters into the japs eye without numbing gel
Never mind that - I'm told by people in the know that there's a balloon at the end of the catheter that's inflated to keep the end inside the bladder. A nurse friend told of forcibly removing a catheter from a bloke without deflating the balloon first. The result was most satisfactory.

In some countries, A&E staff are given tazers to put aggressive drunks on their backs. A bit extreme perhaps. A good start might be mandatory prosecution and jail sentences for assaulting NHS staff. The CPS seem to be too keen to say 'not in the public interest'.
Missed the program, forgot it was on. I work now in the "mental health" sector albeit it private, working with people with Autism (adults), trust me its a very rewarding job 70 % of the time but that 30 % does make you think is it worth it for 9 quid an hour! The "patients" can't help it and that is a fact where I work, however getting a dining table chucked at you, or a hot pan of food isn't very clever, needless to say there is a large staff turnover and I don't reckon I'm far off it!!

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