GB is great to be a member of the EU??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by beemer007, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Apologise if this has been covered already

    The EU changing it regulations so immigrants can sponge off our system quicker,

    "from April 2011, immigrants from Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Lithuania, Slovakia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic – where income levels are 40 per cent of the European average – will be allowed to claim Jobseekers’ Allowance and other benefits after just three months".

    A few of the readers comments make interesting, all aboard maybe???
  2. Fooking wonderful.
  3. Its what our forefathers fought for... a land fit for foreign sponging scum.
  4. FFS now now the polish builders will all be downing tools and going on the dole. why no just put a sign up that says BROKEN BRITAIN ALL WELCOME NO ONE REFUSED COME ONE COME ALL.
  5. Curious-I thought the Outrage Bus was fully booked for the James Bulger thread?
  6. We're going to need a fleet. We'll have to raise taxes and cut cut spending. Like I said, we're going to need that fleet.
  7. Oh you think its acceptable that we are almost bankrupt but can magically afford to import unemployed foreign types?

    Please enlighten us as to why you think OUR taxes should be stolen in this manner??
  8. Fine, the EU want us to step in line with the rest of Europe, so let's bring our benefits down to the level of the rest of them, should make life easier and provide some more home grown scroungers with the chance to actually earn some money, cos I can't see £57 going far in this country.
  9. Think on this. 20% of the money the EU system operates off is from the UK.
  10. £200-£256 is misleading in the extreme. Unemployment benefits also include council tax benefit, housing benefit (for example, this lady who claims £6,400 a month) along with countless additional benefits like free (to the fat, lazy recipient) gym memberships and cash incentives for losing weight. A huge number are also on disability for 'stress' or back problems that play up once in a while.
  11. Can we do them a swap? One Whet for say 4 Lithuanians?
  12. Oh fcuking jolly.
  13. Point taken DD, but my point was made to reduce the amount given so these freeloaders realise that the UK benefits system is in no way better than the one they get at home, you might find that a lot of our own benefit scum off their arrses as their cushy little life would fall apart if they were only recieving a quarter of what they were. Plus, if the benefits in those countries are so low, how the hell do they mange to get a family of God knows how many here in the first place?
  14. Interesting. Was looking at going abroad to another EU country for a few months or so lately, and in all the literature about needing a Residency Permit after 6 months, there was nothing about claiming benefits. In fact it said you must have enough cash to live, work, and not be a drain on that states welfare system. Seems reasonable.

    So what are the odds that us extending this to other countries won't be returned by other countries to our nationals over there?
  15. It's a one way door, Voltigeur, they can come here and claim, but we can't go there and claim, Europe is for the Europeans, not the British.