Gazza joins SAS ahead of film debut (sic)

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by EX_STAB, Feb 22, 2007.

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  1. words fail me...
  2. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    FFS, the man is a brainless alcoholic with a speech impediment. I take it he scares the bad guys away by bursting into tears?

    Straight to video (or even better - the cutting room floor), one hopes
  3. Is this a wind up?? is he gonna be playing a fat, drunken, wife beating alien, who occasionally breaks into bursts of sobbing?...or just a normal Geordie wazzack?
  4. But people (Septic's) could understand Vinnie Jones, they wont have a fekkin clue what Gazza says.....'Fog on the Tyne'!
  5. "Didn't Feckin nah leek, did ye call wor pint a hooer? canny baga chewder!!"

    er gee Mr Gascoigne can we just do that take again, you dont have to read the aliens lines ya know baby!!

    " Ah divant feckin nah what ye are talking aboot man"

    yes its half past three Mr gascoigne!!...........
  6. Methinks the only battle Gazza is going to face is the one to lose the flab he has gained from being a lardy :numberone:

    It's going to be a mother of a fight :threaten:

  7. I reckon, he should play the part of the alien, he's got the looks for it.

    The titles right though, it will be his final run, if he breaks into a mild sweat.
  8. Watch out Yanks, the Brits are on the Oscar Trail with possibly Lewis Colins as David Stirling in the lead role and war Gazza as his right hand man in best male suporting whinging wino role throwing rattles out of the Pink Panther screaming 'I'll be back' (sorry Arnie)
  9. Sounds like a wonderful film......

    It may have been done before me thinks though.
  10. Which recent World Cup had him on as a pundit? What a disaster, even Alan Shearer couldn't understand him, aslo the only time in years of watching football, that I've had to use subtitles (and that includes interviews with Gordon Strachan & Kenny Dalglish)
  11. And we thought Ultimate Force was bad... :thumbdown:
  12. Sorry but I'm siding with the aliens.

    If I can tell the difference.
  13. Gazza should join up with the LoF for some training - he'd fit right in!
  14. I feel so sorry for the SAS guys enough said
  15. He couldn't appear next to her.

    Unless it's a VERY wide screen.