Gazumphing yourself!


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I went shopping for a house, now i have seen another i like.
Now i know it aint Woolworths but.... Seeing as i aint paid any dosh or had survey etc could i rock up to house seller 1 (who is dying to get rid btw) and say what can you do to get a bit closer to this price?
The first house is minus some of the work the second has already had. So i save a few quid on the price plus doing it up costs too.
Am i just being a cheapskate cuhunt? Or do you reckon i should go for it?
As long as you're not in Scotland, you can muck him about as much as you like! As long as you don't know him and he is not going to move 2 doors down and make your life a misery for the next 20 years, make him an offer - he can only say no. Before worrying about being a cheapskate, comfort yourself with the fact that he probably paid about 20% of what he's selling it for.


War Hero
Ha ha thats one of the reasons im not so bothered he paid half of its asking price just 5 years ago!
He split with the missus i think and they want to sell this 2nd property shnelly. They already knocked some off to get it under one of the Stamp duty thresholds but they must be able to see my side too right?
Less payout less work to do. Of course its a good deal.
Its a deal its a steal its sale of the fecking century. In fact Feck it Nick i think ill keep it!

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