Didn't think we still had 'em in service and yet I've been overflown by one twice in a week. Once in Wales and once near Shaftesbury. Ours or some civvie?
I understand that a limited number will still be required for support to UK Ops and to make up any shortfall in Police avaiation capacity e.g. for reconnaissance of flooded areas. This is the elephant in the room regarding Mil SAR - these are miliary aircraft with a UK Ops role, which needn't just be used for SAR. It'll be interesting to see if there is any MoU between the DfT and MoD re. this or if the MoD will surge SH assets (minus Puma Mk 2, of course).
Overflown by one again today - Radnor Forest. Seemed to have double skids - normal ones and wide ones.
The DS answer would be flotation gear. Never saw that on a green one.
All the time in Belize and in the Falklands IIRC.
I was out hunting the crash site of a Miles Martinet and the thing flew straight over me (180 degree different to the Martinet luckily for him). It was standard Green/Grey and had the wide skids on the outside of the normal ones. It scooted off in the direction of the Elan Valley which, if Selection is running explains everything. Couldn't see any markings as it was directly overhead. Didn't seem to whistle as much as I remember, maybe because it was shifting at max chat rather than hovering.
Almost certainly from 5AAC and therefore the flot gear may have been fitted for the over water transit. They never used to bother but this could just be a sign of the times and the utter refusal to accept any degree of risk.
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