Gazas Got Mili-talent - Mosque Gunbattle

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Deadreckon, Aug 14, 2009.

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  1. Excuse the title but it appears one bunch of militants People front of Gaza (Hamas) and the Gazan Peoples Front (Jund Ansar Allah) have decided to knock ten shades of sh#t out of each other..... in a mosque of all places.

    Wonder is this Hamas wanting to bank some credits with the Israeli's and say "look were though on the badder baddies" or did someone in GPF call someone in Hamas's mother fat? Either which way... one hell of a bloodsport.

    My monies on Hamas for this round. :twisted:

    BBC News
  2. 'Splitters'!
  3. Quote;

    "Travelling Somali clerics preach at Tawfiq Mosque and sometimes arrive with foreigners, mainly from Pakistan and Afghanistan" - unquote.
  4. Well at least its a few less.
  5. Rather odd translation of Jund Ansar Allah. The Jerusalem Post has it as "Soldiers of the Companions of God".

    Hamas reckons they were armed by Fatah. Would not surprise me.
    The Saudis have been backing such folk all over the Levant. The gradations of beardie lunacy are endless.
  6. No surprise. Islam is currently having its equivalent of the Thirty Years War which trashed Europe when Martin Luther told the Catholic Church to piss off. When the dust from that settled, the relatively 'moderate' Protestants had been eclipsed by ever-madder groups, until the general population got fed up with the whole business and started the Age of Reason.

    The problem is that if this is Islams 30 Year War, it still has a good 20 years of biting its neighbours to go...
  7. There are over an billion and a half Muslims. Of that maybe 10% even notice the marginal mainly nationalist ructions we are peripherally involved with. To compare this with the crazed occasionally genocidal religious fanaticism that killed off a third of the Germanic peoples is a stretch.
  8. I wonder how much this has to do with AQ trying to set up in the Levant and the local nationalist islamic (is that a contradiction?) groups reminding them who the big boys are?
  9. 10% is 150 000 000 people. How did you come up with 10%. Did you conduct an exit poll after Friday evening prayers at the local mosque.


    :? :? :?
    Step away from the keyboard.
  10. On the global scale, the 'rest of the world' team (that's us, folks) currently has the role of the then-superpower Ottoman Empire, which generally stood well back and let the loony Christians butcher each other, whilst playing various factions off against each other. Sound familiar? The misfortune of Germany then was to be the cockpit in which everyone else settled their problems. All we have done is move the theatre of ops to the Middle East. Maybe only 10% of the Muslims pay attention to the foaming madmen, but as you point out, even 10% is a hell of a lot of nutters, and even if you personally don't pay attention, getting caught up in the crossfire kills you just as dead as if you are a true believer.