Gazan rockets hit deep in Israel

Discussion in 'Syria, Mali, Libya, Middle East & North Africa' started by KGB_resident, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. New exchange between Gaza and Israel; 1 dead - Yahoo! News

  2. Well, if the Israelis hadn't stolen so many people's land with their "Peace wall" and illegal settlements, maybe there wouldn't be so many disposessed Palestinians willing to back terrorism.
  3. I fear it is a start of the new wave of bombings. Now they would not be suicide ones but just this type mines.

    When I have been to Jerusalem then my friend (he is an Orthodox Jew) said me that numerous scuptures of lions (a lion is a symbol of Jerusalem) were installed during previous huge wave of bombings in buses and the bombings ended abruptly.

    Btw, old clown Abbas is in Moscow now.
  4. Why does this shit make the news anymore? I'm bored of it all. Can't the world step back, let them crack on, winner-takes-all. Job done, like the good old days.
  5. You highness,

    do you think that it would be right to say Hitler something like this:

    Holocaust, deportations - no problem. Do whatever you wish in Germany. Winner takes all. Just not invade our lands.
  6. Just been talking to my mate who's working in Be'er Sheva at the minute. He's at the beach at askelon (spelling?) The sirens are going and an Apache passed over heading towards Gaza followed 15 min later by a couple of good thuds.

    Same old same really.
  7. I couldn't give a ****. Everyone knows that the holocaust never happened anyway.

    Though this is a different story. This tit-for-tat shite has been going on for ever. Just let them kill each other.'s Chechnya you hippocrite?
  8. Please enlighten us.
  9. Now how many square inches of Gaza does Israel occupy?.

    The answer is less than one,i.e. none.

    There are those in the Hamas leadership who do not want peace with Israel under any circumstances and they are backed by Iran and some on the loony left in Britain,despite the fact this condemns many in Gaza to abject poverty.

    I dare say the Hamas leadership is not included in those who are living in poverty.
  10. Please don't tell me that you believe what you read at school??

    Have you not been on:
  11. I agree with that, the Gazans are pawns in someone else's little game. I feel sorry for the civilians on all side, no such empathy for the leadership. Israel is just as bad when it comes to extremists in command, their parliament pretty much relies on the vote of a handful of MP's to pass anything. These have stated, amongst other things, that Israel should wipe out the local 'Arab' population and not to negotiate for peace. How the hell do you 'win' with nutters on both sides?
  12. The way things are escalating over the last few days that may change, especially after the deeper missile strikes today into Israel.

    BTW - the one fatality in yesterdays bus stop terror attack was a British tourist.
  13. sounds like they learned from the Masters

    Some East India company tea, Sir?
  14. As an American you have no space to talk either unless you live on a certain type of reservation.
    The truth is none of our histories are clean enough to critisise Israel but that isn't going to solve anything.
    The main problem is that too many people see this conflict in black and white although most people in the UK put Israel in the black.
    Too many exstremists clutter this conflict making it impossible to reach the middle way.