Gaza truce


Israel has informed Hamas it will fire "warning shots" at Palestinians who enter an area west of the Gaza Strip border fence, extending for several hundred meters.
However, preventing people from approaching the fence will block Palestinian farmers' access to their lands. Farmers have been unable to reach their fields for years because of the fighting along the border.
Earlier this week the United Nations sources reported eight cease-fire violations by Israel. Most of these violations apparently consisted of Israeli troops firing at people who approached the fence.
Israel is interested in maintaining the security zone...
It's interesting, have Palestinians right to establish no go areas inside Israel? I doubt that Israel would allow it.

Also Tuesday, Hamas accused the Israel Defense Forces of shooting a 65-year-old Palestinian woman who lives near Israel-Gaza border in what he called a "grave violation of the calm understanding."

The military said its preliminary investigation indicated it was not involved.
According to Haaretz

Palestinian militants have violated terms of Gaza truce four times since it came into effect on June 19.;_ylt=Anh7qlIMSReAlLLwiC1ISUVw24cA

Gaza's Hamas rulers denied a rocket was fired on Monday evening, and accused Israel of looking for excuses to shirk its commitment under the cease-fire agreement to ease its blockade of impoverished Gaza.
The Israeli military said its radar detected a rocket launched from Gaza that struck near the communal farm of Mefalsim. But it said actual rocket fragments were not located, and local security officials were searching for them Tuesday morning.
In other developments

Israel denied on Tuesday allegations by a Palestinian journalist that he was abused and injured by Israeli security personnel while on his way home to the Gaza Strip after receiving a journalism award in Britain.
Omer said he was forced to strip to his underwear by an Israeli officer who then "snatched it down off me". He said two officers dragged him by his legs, his head sweeping the floor, in front of other passengers, and that he vomited and fainted.
The official said Omer received "fair treatment and no irregular action was taken towards him" during the search.

"At the end of the search, he lost his balance and fell, for some reason unknown to us.
doctors said he had suffered a nervous breakdown and that several of his ribs had been broken.
Sergey, blaming Israel for breaking the truce is a bit like blaming the British for WWII because we declared war on Germany.
blaming Israel for breaking the truce is a bit like blaming the British for WWII
Surely a WAH?

Everyone knows Israel are breaking the truces and countless UN resolutions/human rights.
A ceasefire...with warning shots?!?!?!?
As if the ceasefire was really going to last. And the "65 year old woman..." sounds like propoganda to me. What shall we hear next?
Ord_Sgt said:
Sergey, blaming Israel for breaking the truce is a bit like blaming the British for WWII because we declared war on Germany.
I'm not blaming Israel, mate. I try to discuss the situation from military and legal points of view. Of course, security zone is needed. But it should be established on both sides of the border. It is nothing more than a common sense.;_ylt=AqNgnBqelFQJGE3BPjBdDRdm.3QA

Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas official, denied any rockets had been launched on Monday from the territory, which is under the control of the Islamist group.

In fresh violence, Israeli forces guarding the Sufa crossing into the southern Gaza Strip shot and wounded a Palestinian woman, Palestinian medical officials said. An Israeli military spokesman said the army was not aware of a shooting incident.
If true, then the woman is the first person wounded since the truce was declared.

Hamas is reportedly working to maintain the ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, and on Wednesday Ynet learned that it was not just one sunflower seed merchant who was responsible for the mortar shell fired into Israel last week.
According to the source, seven people have been arrested so far for their involvement in the shelling, including merchants and three gunmen who have fired at least one mortar shell. The three were seized while planning to fire additional mortars, and their detention led to the arrest of merchants who had allegedly financed the shelling.

The sunflower seed merchant and his friends had feared that the truce would lead to the opening of the crossings, bringing about a drop in the prices of goods. Their main concern was that they would be left with large amounts of merchandise.
It's an interesting turn. Trades tried to break the truce to keep their profits. Thogh... any war is profitable for somebody (including wars in Iraq and Afghanistan).

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