Gaza the new Soweto.

In response, the apartheid state started providing electricity to more Soweto homes, yet phased out financial support for building additional housing [16].

Soweto became an independent municipality with elected black councillors in 1983, in line with the Black Local Authorities Act [17]. Previously the townships were governed by the Johannesburg council, but from the 1970s the state took control [18].

Soweto's black African councillors were not provided by the apartheid state with the finances to address housing and infrastructural problems. Township residents opposed the black councillors as puppet collaborators who personally benefitted financially from an oppressive regime. Resistance was spurred by the exclusion of blacks from the newly formed tricameral Parliament (which did include Whites, Asians and Coloureds). Municipal elections in black, coloured, and Indian areas were subsequently widely boycotted, returning extremely low voting figures for years. Popular resistance to state structures dates back to the Advisory Boards (1950) that co-opted black residents to advise whites who managed the townships.

In Soweto popular resistance to apartheid emerged in various forms during the 1980s. Educational and economic boycotts were initiated, and student bodies were organized. Street committees were formed, and civic organizations were established as alternatives to state-imposed structures. One of the most well-known "civics" was Soweto's Committee of Ten, started in 1978 in the offices of The Bantu World newspaper. Such actions were strengthened by the call issued by African National Congress's 1985 Kabwe congress in Zambia to make South Africa ungovernable. As the state forbade public gatherings, church buildings like Regina Mundi were sometimes used for political gatherings.

Wherein then lies the difference between a Jewish occupation of a Palestian land and an Israeli nationhood that is at best could be described as illegitimate.

Might seem like an irrelevant fact but if Hitler had not happened, then neither would have Israel.

Think about that for one wee second.

Then think about Gaza and the West Bank.


Jupiter_Jones said:
A peasant uprising against the mighty emperor.
Which Emperor would that be mate? The one who told you "Go on my son, put up a post about how the Holy Land trouble's just like South Africa, mention the Nazis as well, everyone will admire your brilliant political nous and rhetorical skills."

Because that particualr Emperor is Invincible.
Jupiter you clever boy

Why don't you compare it to Zimbabwe?

In 10 years time when SA is just another Zim we'll all come back and admire your political nous.
Jupiter_Jones said:
More like it's the reinvention of the Killing Fields.

A peasant uprising against the mighty emperor.
Do us all a favour on this cold and uninspiring New Years Day, and take your pathetic 6th Form common room politics elsewhere.


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Jupiter_Jones said:
More like it's the reinvention of the Killing Fields.

A peasant uprising against the mighty emperor.
The mighty Emperor Mong is not going to be happy with that statement. Look forward to a visit soon.

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