Gaza: the IRA precedent offers hope

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Whiskybreath, Jan 14, 2009.

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  1. Those su**ers of d*gs' d*cks at the Guardian have closed the comment section for the article, so I thought I'd vent here. Forgive me.

    Here's the background story, by the Chief D*gD*ck Su**er, Jonathan Freedland.

    In it, he states:

    Freedland and his ilk always conveniently turn away from the real facts in favour of their prejudices. If only red-nosed, white-faced, bandy-legged, spangly-costumed fools like him were to refer to the CAIN project for some numbers and a bit of fact and truth before they wrote their stupid pieces on Northern Ireland and how it's all just sunshine in the place....

    Would someone suggest to McGuinness, by the way, that he's needed in Gaza? If Freedland thinks that the bastard's welcome to take any part in governing a part of the United Kingdom, he's very wrong.
  2. Interesting notion. I came round to thinking yesterday that either McGuinness or Adams might be better UN envoys than the notably invisible Blair
  3. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    McGuinnes and Blair Haven't they got it bad enough over there without those two cunts turning up?

    Blair advises Israeli Goverment spend £900 million on an enquiery and let them all out of jail and elect them to your parliment
    McGuinnes to Hamas "Claim you stood every fukcer down and nobody was firing at the soliders" also deny you and your bezzie mates are touts
  4. Hang on, my point is that Blair is a waste of time, if Adams and McGuiness think they are statesmen, let them prove it
  5. Do you know, I believe you're right. Both could relate their experience of dropping incompetent long-term political planning in favour of personal advantage; I have no doubt whatsoever that a few bucks in the back pocket of the Hamas leadership - perhaps a medal or two - would settle their consciences considerably and keep them quiet. It seems to have done very well in Blair's case.
  6. Has anyone mentioned yet,that Adams and McGuiness were/are British Army touts ?
  7. Save your breath. THey are determined to equate the two come hell or high water. There is no relationship at all but WTF does that matter.

    I'll bet the Israelis wouldn't let Bliar anywhere near the place and I can understand why - the Wide Mouthed Frog might turn up with him.
  8. Er.. Blair is actually supposed to be a special middle eastern peace envoy. Just hasn't been a peep out of him since it all kicked off in Gaza. He's on holiday, or maybe doing a book tour, or something.
  9. It struck me as a bizarre appointment; to have the third most hated man in the Arab (and possibly Muslim) world - after George jr and Olmut - as a middle east peace envoy. The Israelis think he's a prick as well.

    Good choice.
  10. Currently getting a gong off the shaved chimp IIRC
  11. I'm not sure it has been mentioned, so I'll say it "Adams and McGuiness were/are British Army touts "
  12. It is apparently nigh on impossible to get out of Gaza at the moment. I'll chip in a tenner if we can get Blair, McGuinnes and Adams in there "to sort it out".
  13. Look...i'm getting sick to the back teath with all this news footage of gaza.
    I know he's got an alcahol problem but he needs support from his friends, family and fans if he's going to get through this
  14. :clap:
  15. All three in one place, blair, McGuinness, Adams :twisted: .Brown on a hotline to the IDF :lol: