Gaza Appeal

On the news just now is an item that C4 C5 and ITN will broadcast an appeal for the inhabitants of the Gaza strip, fair play to them says I, I just wonder how many Bostonians will be throwing money into the bucket;

"For the boys from the old country"
Aunty Beeb is still refusing to show the DEC Gaza appeal as is most of the media. The others are only doing so after being put under intense pressure. Makes you wonder why they are all so scared to publicise it.
What about the poor Israelis? All that ammunition must have cost them a fortune. I think there should be an appeal for them too.
I'd contribute money as long as it is guaranteed not to go to Hamas. As Hamas is the governing power in Gaza all that charity money will certainly end up in their hands.

Hamas may buy weapons or rebuild houses cept the whole point of the assault on Gaza was to undermine Hamas, if we give money to them & they go around playing Robin Hood with charity money, we will in fact be undermining the Israelis (our allies) & be supporting terrorists (our enemies)

From the very beginning I knew Israel was just giving Hamas more influence & power, another stupid strategic decision by Olmert.
I don't normally put much store in the BBC regarding moral values, but I think that they have made the right call by not showing this appeal.

I'm all for humanitarian aid for the people of Gaza, but perhaps they wouldn't need it if they weren't supporting and hiding Hamas.

I am also quite dubious about whether this appeal would be completely unbiased. I have a feeling that it would be just a show case for Israeli bashing.

After all, if a terrorist group kept shooting rockets at my home town, I'd expect my government (not that this lot who are in power would as they have no back-bone) to mount a strong, military response to ensure my safety.

Plus, sky news has just shown that well known supporter of the downtrodden Tony (I'll support you to get my face on TV) Benn accusing the BBC of being 'in league' with the Israeli's!

The man is a moron.

Well done BBC! Don't let the Government push you around! :D
Gaza? Fcuk him. He'll only spend it booze and drugs.


I thought the thread was about that Geordie waster feeling sorry for himself again.
I have some rockets left over from bonfire night :)

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