Gays in the changing room

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by edd1989, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. I went swimming today and whilst I was getting changed this bloke started to chat me up (he asked me to move my stuff). Over the last 9 hours of my jam packed life I have been pondering the following question.

    Should gays be allowed to change in their sexes changing room?

    Just think you drop your towel, you bend over and problems ensued. I mean it is like putting Michael Jackson in a nursery.

    Should gay men have to change with the women? In the laws of fairness should I expect dykes to start changing with me? Could I pretend (yes pretend) to be gay in order to change with the women?

    I am unsure so I consult arrses mature and level-headed wisdom.

  2. did you chin the queer fcuker,if not you should have. :twisted:
  3. Yeah because every gay bloke is a rapiest, well known fact that! You must be almost as good looking as me for everyone of either sex to hit on you, or is it just the gays?

    But then seens as this is the naffi bar, would I fcuk want dykes in my changing room, their 12" clits would intermidate me!!

    Although in my pool we have unisex changing rooms, I keep pushing for unisex showers ala Starship Troopers!
  4. Maybe the day will come when there will be separate gay changing rooms -maybe there are some places that have them already?

    But if I were gay I wouldn't use them - I'd be in with the boys letching at all the meat. You'd never know I was gay, well the general may give the game away!!!

    'snot fair we can't do the same in ladies changing rooms. They have 'gay rights' where are our straight rights?

    I am very much in touch with my feminine side.

    It's the biggest lesbian on the planet!
  5. FFS, Edd, What HAVE you been doing for the last 9 hours that has provoked such thoughts?

    Are we to understand that said lifter of the shirt scored with his chat up line....eeeuuurrggghhhh!!!

    Are you sure it was only jam that has been packed and not fudge?

    Now boil yourself in Dettol and poke a red hot knitting needle down your jap's eye before you go and throw yourself off a tall railway bridge into the path of a high speed train..............and let that be a lesson for having such impure thoughts!!!!
  6. I once debated the 'gays in the military' issue with some of my privates (fnarr, fnarr). The general consensus was that they didn't want some shortlifter ogling their parts and trying to b*gger them when they bent over.

    I looked at the spotty, smelly, weedy and be-shellsuited individual making most of the running with this issue and couldn't help but think of the stereotypical gay man - impeccably dressed, scented, toned and fastidiously hygenic. My instincts told me McSporran wasn't likely to be high on their pin-up list.

    Look mate, just because they're gay doesn't make them rapists. They might not even fancy you and if they do, well hey! look on the bright side. You'll always know where to go for a spot of noshing if the mood to experiment takes hold.
  7. What a farkin' amazing chat up line! "Hi, excuse me, would you mind moving your stuff over please?". That makes most of the well mannered men in the world gay!

    Also all gay men are rapists. Didn't you know that if you get within 5 metres of them you can also catch the gay disease?

    Stupid fcuk
  8. edd1989 - Have you considered just not using a "rainbow friendly" turkish bathhouse as your usual place to take a refreshing dip? You may find less overly affectionate males down the council pool complex rather than in your apparently typical choice of haunt within the "specialty client" establishments listings.
  9. oh dear, here we go again...
    Edd even though its been said here many times, Not every gay man is going to want to pound your arrse, in fact it might be the opposit way round, maybe they wanted you to do them.
    Maybe they saw something in you ( no pun intended) that they saw in them... ;)
  10. They do say that the most homophobic have something to hide...
  11. So Edd

    For the gay man to fancy you, you must be effeminate or a big hairy bear.

    Which one is it?
  12. :oops: Errm dingerr how would you know this ??? 8O :?
    It's true mind you just a bit concearned :D
  13. You should have taken advantage of the situation and forced him to give you a good noshing. There's nothing quite so relaxing after a hard work out as being sucked off - a mouth's just a mouth, you're only gay if you take it.
  14. Suppose I must have been lucky all my life to have lived under the impression that no gay approach would interest me. Maybe suggests some inherent weakness in the poster that makes him worried what his response to a gay chat up might be?
  15. [​IMG]

    Oh dear, someone's not secure with their own sexuality...

    BTW: There's a queer on this thread... give us a kiss and I'll tell you who it is!