gays in the army

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by coolcee, Oct 31, 2007.

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  1. Today at work i saw 2 young male soldiers walking through the camp hand in hand i am pretty open minded ( i think) but i think this may be a step too far in liberalisation of the army and moving with the times does anybody else have an opinion on this ?
  2. Were they in uniform?
  3. You're just jealous because he doesn't love you anymore.
  4. In uniform - wrong and it shouldn't happen be they gay or straight.

    I won't hold my gurlies hand when I'm in Uniform, I don't think it befits the uniform (obviously after a tour all bets are off!).

    Out of uniform - what the heck, live and let live.
  5. I too am pretty open minded...

    Shoot them!

  6. Thats not open minded, open minded would be offering us a range of ways to dispose of them. Shame on you Cad!

  7. "Mortor Plt" ??
  8. ah but were you in afghanistan, cos this means that their just Very good buddies. :slow:
  9. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    Saw this today, did you? And then rushed back to post this at 7'oclock in the morning?

    Stop telling lies.
  10. i`m not fond of gays,but it least its not a shemale lying ITS way into an unknowing blokes shorts..

    but yeh,shoot the fudge packing benders

    abbatoir the damn lot of them
  11. Yeah, you gotta watch out for those shemales.

    I was fooled into having a blow job from one of them in Singapore.

    Tasted :D horrible!
  12. :D 8O

    atleast you could play with your own tats i guess(bonus)then pull one out with your hidden todger.. :p
  13. Sounds like someone fingers have been burn in the past.
  14. thankfully not! but im still waiting :p :D

    i prefer real fanny batter with real fish(with a slight hint of old period)ohhhhhh yeahhhh
  15. Utter b0llocks