Gays in the army

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Shotgun, Sep 26, 2003.

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  1. This isn't trying to be funny, or homophobic. This is a serious question concerning the army.

    Do you think gays should be allowed in the army, and if not, why not? Serious and good reasons either way please.

    My personal opinion is definitely not because only soldiers, who have no choice but to live side by side with them, should be able to give an answer yes or no. Fck the PC crowd with their opinions.
  2. fcuk no they shouldn't. if i joined the army i wouldn't want to be sharing a shower with a bum bandit!!! save em all for the deep blue lot :D
  3. So junior rlc, your sounding like you protest too much. That makes you as gay as a gay thing. As RLC, you should get used to finding yourself in the blue oyster bar, late at night trying to close it on time. Wont happen because every one knows that as RLC, you will be a recruiter for the pink brigade of bum bandits. Fact of life, you knew that right? RLC is the equivilent of the US Steel workers union. They make the Village people look like 22 SAS in the middle of a bit of a firefight.

    Dont shoot the messanger.
  4. Yeah, right, funny maybe not, but homophobic...give me a break. Relax guys, no-one is going to make it compulsory and just because a gay guy or girl looks at you it don't mean they are getting ready to rip your clothes off. By the sound of you and that, clearly worldly wise, jr rlc oik, I think you would both probably be safe bending down to pick the soap up in the shower...except probably from each other.

    This should not even be an issue, as long as everyone is prepared to keep their private lives private and not flaunt their sexuality, whether straight or gay. Unfortunately, it currently seems acceptable for the bean-flickers (OK, so it's not a PC term) to thrust their new found freedom under everyone's noses (so to speak) at every opportunity. But then I expect Shotgun would find that OK as I'm sure that he likes to watch 2 girls getting jiggy with it being a Real Man an' al....

    Interesting observation Flash. Using the ol' reverse psychology debate, do you suppose that the proliferation of gays in the RLC accounts for the disproportionately high number of badge collectors and why the Pioneers keep trying to insist that they are so tough?

    Jr RLC...presumably you feel equally threatened by having straight girls in the block too, as I am sure every one of 'em will be out to get inside your pants?
  5. Hasn't this gay thing been done to death on ARRSE?
  6. Yep

    But they shouldn't be allowed :D
  7. Hell, they let MDN in, why not gays?

    Could care less if a man is gay or strqight. What counts is can you depend on him when the shit hits the fan?
  8. I agree corporal, but what about the time when the shit isn't hitting the fan

    IE, 99,5% of the time
  9. And your point is MDN? What do you expect a gay soldier to be doing that a straight one wouldn't? Carving holes between shower cubicles perhaps? Compilling lists of little boys from the Staff & Social List? Or perhaps running out of hours flower arranging classes? Ooops, sorry, that last one was the CO's wife.

    But seriously folks..... :roll:
  10. simple, be tolerated by the rest of the camp community

    Just because homosexuality has been made acceptable to the Army doesn't mean it is accepted by the troops.

    If theft was accepted can you see that going down with the chaps.
  11. MDN, me thinks thou does protest too much. Something you want to tell us? 8O
  12. Er...OK...but isn't the point that nothing has to be 'tolerated' if it is not made obvious to the body of the kirk? No one cares that you are wearing silk lingerie MDN! If we just got on with our own lives instead of worring about what the next man or woman was up to, we could, perhaps devote more time to the job in hand. Hmmm...perhaps that bit didn't quite come out right...oops, there I go again...

    Bottom line is, we don't have to accept it, embrace it, partake in it, just live and let live. As long as you or your buddies are not being interferred with or threatened, where's the problem?
  13. You are very lucky not to have experienced any animosity to any other person ever.... thats what I can assume.

    A known child molester and peodophile moved in 200 metres from my house.. he doesn't affect me, nor does he interfere with my daily life

    Do I live and let live?

    Not for one minute suggesting that marmite miners are all peodophiles just showing a comparison to your statement.

    Why should the majority bow to the minority?
  14. Apples and Oranges me old chum. The child molester would clearly be a convicted criminal and you would be correct to be cautious (although I suppose having passed through our exemplary prison system, he will, no doubt be a reformed character and present no threat to the neighbourhood, ahem!). As far as I am aware, homosexuality is no longer a criminal offence. Do you feel threatened there MDN? :wink: