Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by goatrutar, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. My gaydar is fucked. Blokes who I thought were as camp as a row of tents turn out to be family men and pillars of society. Others who I thought were straight as an arrow turn out be the blokes kneeling in front of a hole they've drilled in a shithouse wall.


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  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Oh the irony of your sig block.
  3. It really is a quandary, I think you should get out and try a bit of cottaging, just for research purposes. You could haunt the glory holes yourself armed with a rat trap, or a large meat tenderising mallet and then look who amongst your colleagues is limping or absent the next day!
  4. My wife who is turning into a bit of a FagHag, had an absolutely crap Gaydar, but, I have been training her up and she can now spot em a mile off.

    We have some lovely friends with nice loafers.........
  5. Suck them off - if they orgasm and shoot their salty, creamy goo into your mouth then they might be gay.
  6. My gaydar has worked overtime for years due to the next door neighbours son being an iron. I first predicted his predeliction for elevated shirt tails when he was eleven.
    my missus got a right monk on, "leave it, he's only a little lad!"

    Now he's a raving nineteen year old up front bender and needs a fucking revolving door on his arse!

    Do Amazon do "I fucking told you he was a mincer" t-shirts?
  7. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    In all fairness to the lad, you shouldn't have been lifting them.
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  8. I thought Gaydar was the ability for one hom to spot another bottom feaster?

    If so then a couple of you have just outed yourselves spectacularly.
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  9. Try one of these, with "I told you so" scrawled underneath

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  10. Gaydar isn't a proven science, if it was, the entire republican party of the US would be sucking cock in public for money, rather than in private for nothing...
  11. I blame the androgynous fashions for blokes now, everyone gay or straight under 30 seems to be wearing tight mustard chinos, baggy striped T-shirts or vests with a massive open neck to the waist and those fucking boat shoes. Its either gays or gay walts, there's very little middle ground.
  12. No, you're confusing it with the automatic gaydar I.G.G (Identify gloryhole geezers) transponder, like the I.F.F in aircraft it automatically flags up to interested gaydars with the I.G.G function turned on.

    Due to a few unfriendly spaff incidents this is now backed up by visual symbols, like the marker panels on armoured vehicles. This can be in the form of an earring, a rag hanging out of a pocket or a shitty walk!
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  13. Feck off, I'm 19 and my standard dress besides uniform for me is grey trousers, white or green shirt. SADF greatcoat if its cold and boots, combat, GP.
    I hate the cnuts with the chinos and homo-spastic shirts and their 'ironic' t-shirts and gay glasses with huge frames and no glass. Fuck em with a shotgun barrel and let go a blast in their guts. See how they like it then.
  14. I'd have to stand next to him though.....fuck off!
  15. the problem is they all look like something Jarrod would pick up, fucking wet! Even the hard little fucking bastards I watch kick boxing at my boxing gym. You'll see some little fucker tiptoeing around with his elasticated ankles skin tight pants on around his arse and his dainty little plimsols negative socks, next thing you know he's kicked you in the temple and given your nose a new postcode
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