Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blessed baby cakes, Aug 2, 2005.

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  1. I've just found out a guy I know who I thought was gay, acts gay, sounds gay, wears GAP t-shirts in a size to small for him and has three cats, FFS, is straight! 8O

    Not only that he's about to move in with his girlfriend who has a child and yes, she was born a woman! 8O

    I feel it's wrong to go through life giving off the gay vibe and tricking innocent members of the public into thinking you're gay when you're straight! It's just wrong, wrong, wrong! :oops:

    I feel he's such a fraud! Deceitful and, in a non direct route, a liar too! :(

    This was my one time to be a real Fag Hag and he robbed me! B'astard! :evil:

    Surely an identifying 'tell' should be impossed to stop this carry on from being allowed!

    Beebs :cry:
  2. You're slipping Beebs, you missed a smiley. This one... :wink:
  3. :roll:

  4. More Intel

    Need more intel to make a snap................sorry better judgement.
  5. Hitler I've sailed as close to the wind as I dare, he's a member of these here boards and a serving officer in the REME so it wouldn't take a genius to finger him, pardon the pun, if they decided to drag him out of the straight closet.

    Beebs :)
  6. What Beebs so he didn't try and bag off with you? And hes a man? You must be really ugly or indeed he is actually gay but moving in with this other chick for financial reasons or as a hugh deception plan.
  7. The Shame! How Dare He! :lol:

    My commiserations, I actually asked a chap about his boyfriend once, doing the tree hugging thang. He was SO immensely camp. Superbly embarrasing to find out he was straight as feck and was mightily p*ssed off. Ooops.

    As for who that guy is you are talking about.. REME, eh? Uhm... 8O (no I don't wanna know...)
  8. I thought REME were blue-collar tradesmen types. The ones that confuse me are the guards ands the ones that ride horseys.
  9. To be honest I can see the confusion about a REME bloke not being gay! Whatever next - Cavalry officers with chins?
  10. Now THAT'S just sick you puppy you!

    Slight update, not only is he not gay, not only is he moving in with a female, his older brother woke me up this morning at silly o'clock asking if I knew he was straight???? WTF???? Even his bloody brother thought he was batting for the boys team!

    This is all so wrong!

    I'll never be 'sure' about a man in the way straight women are just 'sure' about these things again! Ever!

    Beebs :(
  11. How very odd no wonder you were confuzzled. I would have thought the same as you from his actions. That means the last three people i have passed in the street that i thought were playing for the other team just might not have been oops.
  12. I actually set him up on 'dates' in the past with other guys I thought were not playing the game as well......

    Oh God! I've probably offended half the straight male population of Glasgow and London!

    My apologise to the REME, you never can tell with you lot can you!

    Beebs :(
  13. OMG he probabaly thought you were just introducing him to some new drinking mates, kind of funny when you think about it ;)

    Beebs :?
  15. LMAO have a mental image of said friend stood at the bar avec manbag when fellow drinking buddy avec manbag appears, do you think they swapped fashion tips, favourite designers, hairdressers phone number ? tee hee