Gay soldiers to get quarters!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by fastmedic, Sep 12, 2005.

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  1. :roll:
    Well....shag my old boots, just heard on the venerable Capital radio that gay soldiers are to be entitled to married quarters soon.

    Any thoughts out there on this hot potato??
  2. yippeee
  3. It was going to happen sometime. If you allow soldiers to for homosexual relationships then you can't discriminate against them in the way of quartering. Whether you agree with the subject of the relationships in the first place is a different matter though...
  4. Just heard it on BFBS 2.

    So what about a normal couple not married but want to live together first, as opposed to rushing into marriage just to get a quarter, only to realise they made a mistake!!!

    Discrimination me thinks!

    Its legal but it aint right
  5. Gay soldiers are to get "Quartered".What about the "Hanging and Drawing" first? :twisted:
  6. Yes Sir, because hetrosexual couples have the choice the get married or not this will not be extended to different sex partners. They will still have to be married to get an MQ. Bring on the Lawyers!
  7. HHMM going to go down a ball of chalk on some pad areas I've lived on.
  8. Currently married personnel are Maristat 1 which indicates legally married and as such entitled to a quarter. Soon, this will change to Personal Status Category 1 which will also include those in a civil partnership in accordance with the Civil Partnership Act 2004 which same sex and heterosexual couples will need to register under if they wish to get a quarter.
  9. It's about time. At least they can get up to their ungodly activities without the whole barrack room having to watch. And quite frankly It will now be a safe bet that the blob of dove cream moisturising soap on the tiles in the shower cubicle which you wash your hair with as you forgot your bottle of boots basics (30p stuff) will be soap and not someone elses bodily fluids.

    Get the gays into their own quarters. In fact why not let them have their own army or is that what the RAF is for?
  10. Well now they will be in the open and will be making a BIG statement. Of course for the lezzers in 27 Reg RLC this will be a joy. Will this create a pink ghetto in garrison towns? and what happens if they are both serving, do they get joint postings?

    They conform to the Army the Army does not conform to them, I will be surprised if any do take up this offer of sin.
  11. From The Daily mail artical
    "Homosexuality was made legal in the armed forces only four years ago."

    Yes I do worry about Blurs New Model Army.
    PS All of yous.
  12. Mincers floating around the married quarters, what about when they have one of there poof parties, mincing about in there leather chaps, and gay biker tashs, i think it will putsinglies off marrying just to get out the block thats for sure!! Next they will be wanting there own gay bars on the barracks, and walking about in pink uniforms!!

    Just a hint gays the barracks might other wise be known as camp, but its not for you to give it the gay meaning of camp!!
  13. Quit fantasizing or you'll be walking around with a raging hard on.
  14. I bet some of you dinosaurs are the same people who predicted the lifting 'the ban' would cause the Army to fall into anarchy. Once the policy is in place, no one will really give a monkey's.
  15. But I bet those quarters will look just faaabulous. Think "gentrification."