Gay Pride Parade

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Bierwolfe, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Is it just me, or do others think this is a slightly odd thing for the Forces to do:

    Extract from Defence Intranet - Pride at The Parade Article 07/07/06

    Armed Forces personnel and MOD civilians marched in this year's EuroPride Parade which took place in London on Europride Day, Saturday 1 July 2006.

    Pride in our work; Royal Navy sailors at London’s EuroPride parade. The Europride Parade, which celebrates Gay and lesbian culture across Europe, was attended by thousands of people, including MOD civilian staff, RAF, Army and Royal Navy personnel, whose Gay and Bisexual community wanted to show their pride in their uniform and service. For the first time ever the Royal Navy marched in full uniform.

    Sandra Dorking, who is by day an Operations Manager in Defence Acquisition, is also the Vice Chair of the MOD Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Forum. She said:

    "This year's march was really good because the Navy decided to march in uniform. There were a good dozen or so uniformed Navy people, but they got out of their uniforms quickly after the parade because everyone there likes a sailor Not really true - Ed!"

    Sandra believes that the Parade organiser's wanted the Navy up at the front because they realised that allowing people to march in uniform was a significant commitment for the Navy. Sandra also took part in the parade with a dozen other members of the MOD LGBT Forum.

    "It was good because people were saying, "wow, look, there's the MOD" and it made people see that we have a socially inclusive attitude," Sandra continued. "It's also a good recruiting tool, sending out the message that gay people are welcome in the services and that we are proud of our gay people."

    The Parade lasted about three hours, starting in Baker Street, marching down Oxford Street, across Trafalgar Square down Whitehall and finishing at the back of the MOD main building.

    "We took part in the Parade to say to the public that we are here. There could be a perception in the public that MOD is an unfriendly environment for LGBT. But by marching we show that the MOD is a socially inclusive organisation.

    "The Department has been very supportive, in fact Richard Hatfield – The MOD's Personnel Director - has volunteered to be a LGBT champion. We don't have a problem working for the Department at all."

    The LGBT Forum – made up of volunteers – represents the interests of LGBT people from the Department and offers advice to the Department on how to make it a comfortable place to work in for LGBT employees. But back to the Parade, and Sandra concludes:

    "It was so hot but a brilliant day. We were prepared with sun cream and floppy hats, and there was a great atmosphere. There were lots of smiling faces, people having fun and no problems at all. The march was fantastic, everyone dressed up but it really was a day to wear as little as possible. It was hot!"
  2. Have I gone cross-eyed or are there two threads on this :?
  3. Don't worry, i was monging it... Old one deleted...
  4. Yeah, the other one had the biggest pastry chef on the boat marching.
  5. Oh dear. I guess our navy brothers havent heard of the bft.
  6. How about this one: Apparantly 14 firemen from Cowcaddens fire station have been threatened with dismissal after they all refused to attend a ‘Gay Pride‘ march in Glasgow last month.

    The firemen were apparantly ordered to hand out leaflets at the march, but refused on the basis of moral grounds. They now face a disciplinary meeting at the Fire Brigade HQ and face the sack if found guilty of "Homophobic" behaviour.

    Stalin would be proud of Bliar!!
  7. Not so much that, it's the out-of-step "bimbling" that pisses me off, especially as the Chief Gunner is at the front and should be taking charge.

    Nice to see that the Army had the first gay marriage which is now leading to the first gay trial separation.....wonder who gets to keep the Quarter?
  8. It all started when the force started to call themselve an organization rather than a military :eek:
  9. Oh my life, even Arrse has succomb - look at the advertisement at the bottom of the threads. What is the world coming to?!
  10. Obviously this is doing wonders for navy recruitement - having upped the age limit they can now advertise for pensioners pie-eaters and poofters. :D
  11. Yes... awful... it says BRITISH ARMY LIFE COVER... is it me or is that a veiled threat to the Pride crew???

    (and for those confused it sometimes it says "Gay and lesbian Pride wear" etc... . PS has anyone had the guts to click on it?? I'm at work and simply dare not... )
  12. I think there is gona have to be some changes to the Navy.

    No women are aloud to serve on Submarines, incase well incase
    they get a little cosy with male coleagues or vice versa :eek:

    It appears soon men will not be able to serve on Submarines incase,
    well enough said you get the picture :eek:

    So what do we do from then, trained monkeys, ants or maybe the new Trident fleet
    will be remote controlled from some school kids Dell :eek:
  13. Idiotism. Next time they would be ordered to take part in Pride parade of zoophiles with their goats and sheep. Likely they would be ordered to collect excrements and clean their arrses.

    I don't understand a reason for these 'marches'. In public places these scu... honorable representatives of respective communities show ... what namely they show?