Gay People in the army?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by coley212, Sep 30, 2008.

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  1. Hello im thinking about joining the army I have my barb test on monday and was just wondering whats the army's attitude to gay people and i dont mean the army its self i mean the other recruites for example abuse i mean i dont mind mental abuse as i have had to deal with that all through high school i mean the physica abuse side. should i join and say im straight or should i just say look im gay yes and no im not going to hit on you im here for the same thing your here for?
  2. Say your gay on application, if it asks that, but wouldnt think so, but as everyday life tell people if you wish, if I were in your shoes I'd keep quiet in training, ie in a very close environment with other males, but upto you really, give the local career centre a ring and ask them for advice
  3. Ye i suppose but you know what the ACO are like they will just give me that the army does not tolerate abuse of any kind bullsh*t
  4. It is totally up to you mate, people general attitudes have changed (Slightly) but most Gay (males) only tell there close mates and thats that. I know one openly Gay guy in the Army and when he came out it was no suprise anyway!

    Like your man said it is a close enviroment in Training and some people are not wise to the world and may have a old attitude towards gay people. I would keep it quiet and tell people once you have there trust and know how they may react.
  5. well the answer is just the same as in all walks of life, when you join it will be the same attitudes as "civi street" because you all (your training unit) dont know what it is to be a soldier, once in, if you can do your job & arnt sleeping your way up the chain of command nobody cares. there are a few Gay associations within the army give them a bell

    try here
  6. Ye i think im just going to keep it under wraps for a while and after all im very straight acting cant stand ******* queens :(
  7. Coley - Check PMs
  8. We had a guy who was openly gay, and played it up by acting camp as ****, he was also nails and a battalion boxxing champion.

    I also know that one of the rifle companies has an openly BI guy and as far as im aware he has no problems.

    As others have said, it's entirely your choice as to whether you want to tell people.
  9. It's your choice at the end of the day. Nobody in this day and age gives two f*cking hoots about your sexuality. Whether you accept what is being said to you or whether you don't, it won't stop the world from spinning. So, stop feeling sorry for yourself, and either sign up when you're old enough, or f*ck off. Just because you're gay, doesn't give you film star status. F*cks sakes, there's blokes on this site who've had full sex changes and who are still soldiering on. What makes you so f*cking special?
  10. You could join up as Pte Smith and see if its BS, take a good camera phone with you, I have heard that the BBC have a position available for a trainee soldier could be right up your street.

    If you think tha above statement is true don't join up.
  11. I think im just going to leeave this site because of people like you i have signed up for your info and how the F**k am i looking for film star status im 15 i dont want to get into the army and hate it. Its called a logical question something that you dont understand so f*ck off and get a life you retarded pice of shi*
  12. Come back when you've grown up a bit. I'd say the Forces isn't for you at the minute, you delicate petal.
  13. 3 pages of outrage bus and baiting removed, I've left the dummy spitting to provide context.

    Chaps if you are going to reply to this thread then the following caveats apply;

    1. He is 15, its the joining up forum. Most users here posting their first questions are minors, act accordingly.

    2. Its a genuine question so provide genuine answers. Offer support but only if it is relevant to his sexuality and the Army such as if you have direct experience of this whether it is yourself or your associates.

    3. Leave the outrage bus at home, go complain to the bishop or seek redress via the Adjt regarding policy.

    4. Journos need not reply, seriously cammo why are you even posting in the joining up forum.

    5. No baiting, pit your fantastic wit against your own kids or challenge yourself with an adult.

    6. Think before you hit submit.. if your post is missing it did not meet the above.

    Now please lets get back on topic...
  14. Hear hear Disco. He's only a little kid FFS, maybe it's not quite time to bury him (metaphorically) just yet.
  15. Ye dont bury me give me a chance :(
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