Gay Paree

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by PartTimePongo, Aug 31, 2006.

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  1. Now an arrser of my acquaintance, has suggested a crawl in Paris.

    I know it's France, but I quite like the place and my sister's boyfriend (Le Comte) maintains a modest apartmet (ho ho) in Montparnasse on the left bank , don't you know :D , so that's my gonking sorted.

    Anyway , I like the idea of sinking a few leffe Blondes and ogling la Parisennes. Anyone else up for this?

    Over to you Fair maid , with suggestions etc. Ladies, might I also suggest that Aqua Boulevard may excite you.

  2. Why not contact the Mil Staff in the Embassy, they can recommend the better spots to go to.
  3. at last! a crawl on my doorstep

    no shortage of bars here! sth for everyone

    there's even an organised pub crawl for English speakers, don't want any French joining in, they don't drink

    as a starter, check this out

    Paris Pubs

    great idea PTP!
  4. I'm sure they can!
  5. PTP,

    You only want to go because of all the short arrses in France...
  6. or is that skinny hipped tight little arses!!
  7. I can hugely recommend Le Train Bleu for a meal.

    Not cheap, but fabulous. Not your average station cafe either ........

    I'll give the slovenly Frogs this much: they might surrender at the drop of un chapeau, but they are pretty good at nosebag.
  8. PTP can recommend here....

    A wonderful restaurant, and when he meets his dream woman , she's going there with him, followed by a promenade along the river bank taking in the stars and such..........
  9. Oh my god you're inside my head!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. well there are loads of lovely single Brit/Irish girls in Paris who like a good night out with real men, it's a long time to wait for the Six Nations to start up, you'd be doing them a real favour!
  11. Right, when are we going??? :D
  12. You fancy a crack at the real men as well Matelot?

    Well, chacun a son gout, as they say in (Gay) Paree
  13. Seriously , I am way up for this one, I have the lingo, and believe me, Fair Maid has some seriously good looking mates
  14. Paris is cack. Too many dog turds and nutters about.