gay or just really strange???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by shelley246, Sep 26, 2005.

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  1. right went out the other week and was fairly drunk... met a guy who was actually quiet nice to me even though he was like a shit arse fly but when u r drunk u dont really know what u r doing anymore.... so took him home :lol: and in the middle of it he popped aquestion i never heard before....can u stick ur inger up my arse.. 8O 8O is that a normal thing or did he loose the soap under the shower too often???
  2. Do you know, it must be this generation, because guys do seem to enjoy having their "hoop" touched licked or whatever. Come on guys, is this because gaylords are now accepted in Society that straight guys have realised that they have found another "G" spot!! ha ha
  3. No, that's quite normal. Some of us really enjoy a bit of bum-fun. Besides, if a bird's being crap and not putting in the effort, it doesn't take much to give her a hint! 8)

    ........INCOMING! :twisted:
  4. bloody seems like it hehe i really got a heart attack so i wanna know the crack about it...... come on we wait... :wink:
  5. oi behave r u trying to say i am crap??? :twisted: :D

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  6. txt spk & trll alrt!
  7. My thoughts zigactly... :roll:
  8. You did admit to being drunk. If he was hammered too maybe he was going a bit floppy and needed you to stimulate his hoop to keep him fully functional.

    Anyway, you haven't told us whether you actually did it yet.
  9. what do u think?

  10. uhuh...have to agree!
  11. I think you're a troll who has only come on here to name names and cause trouble. It wouldn't surprise me if you were related to BlondeBint.

    However, you are at liberty to prove me wrong.

    O and btw pls stp doin txt spk ffs!
  12. what does that mean then?
  13. not came on here to cause trouble....
  14. That means that we think you have gender issues Jack.