Gay only photo company

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Resurgam, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. Yes of course there is nothing wrong with it

  2. Not sure as it does not seem a totally fair employment ethos but it is a company's right to

  3. Not sure I suspect not

  4. You must be joking this sort of thing is very divisive

  5. Take that Barstewards to court

  1. I have just sent this complaint to the BBC re Radio 4's programme Shop Talk

    'Whilst listening to Shop Talk 1600-1630 Tuesday 17 Jan 2006 I heard a gentleman by the name of Scott Redgrave, who runs a company called 'Pink Photos' state that 'everyone we employ is 100% gay and committed to the cause' My concern is that , in my understanding of the laws covering equal opportunities and diversity, this stance would be illegal. My complaint is that this stance was not challenged by the interviewer, Heather Payton, it was ignored. I am sure that if a straight person was to state that he only employed straight personnel as this made his straight clientelle more comfortable you would have jumped down his throat or more likely you would sensibly have not transmitted the statement. You should not have transmitted this one - it is a statement that a company is blatantly flouting the law. I believe that this comment should be brought to the attention of the proper authorities, by your corporation, immediately or you could be accused of fostering this bias.'

    Am I the only one that heard it and am I right or wrong about the legality or otherwise of the comment. I am not interested in a series of homophobic rants but in a sensible discussion of the legality of the comment made to the interviewer and the fact that the charming lady did not comment on it or challenge it.

    Would a straight company get away with it? I susprect it would be taken to the cleaners. Pity I am such a crap photographer.

    All I want is a level playing field :evil:

    If you are a straight photographer out there you might have a field day with this company if you were so inclined.

    It is remarkably easy to complain to the BBC. I wonder if I get a reply.
  2. Good on yer fella - nice work.
  3. You Sir, have no chance :D

    If however you were gay the playing field would be full of roses and the BBC would answer .

    As you know the boots on the other hand these days.
  4. R.

    Post the reply if you get one. i'm interested to hear the response.
  5. Perhaps others might like to complain. If you think my complaint is legitimate. if it is not I would love to hear your views.
  6. A worthy challenge to Blairs Broadcasting Company, but, alas methinks to no avail. :cry: There are so many “minority” interests that they are now in the majority. See how long it takes Britain’s finest to visit you if you mention the N word or call a queer a queer in public and don’t even think about mentioning that immigrants commit crime, sponge of the state, block housing and rape the NHS (what’s left of it)
    Still it’s nice to live in a multi-cultural society,init? :twisted:
  7. Perhaps I should have called the thread Gay only Photos!!
  8. I totally agree with you Resurgam. We seem to have gone so PC now that its alright to disciminate as long as the person is not in a minority. If you are white, straight and not in support of a minority religion it is fine for people to discriminate against you but you cannot discriminate against others who are not.

    the thing is as soon as you stand up and say something like that you are called a racist, biggot, homophobe etc etc. I get a lot of crap for saying stuff like this all the time and I am a tree hugging liberal who would not disciminate against anybody.
  9. The BBC only employs poofs so hardly worth complaining to them.
  10. How long will it be before people start playing the system and pretending to be ginger?
    After all, there is no way of proving otherwise, and with the balance of opportunities swinging massively in their favour, would it really be such a hardship to wear some sort of "awareness" ribbon on your lapel, and put your hand on your hip occasionally.
  11. Haven't got any bean flicking pictures have can't really relax can you....wonder if that's against trading standards?
  12. Resurgam

    I think you may be overreacting. This particular edition of Shop Talk was about family businesses and the interview with Scott Redgrave was about the challenges of working with one's partner in a family business. You will recall that taking part in the same interview was the wife of hairdresser, Niki Clarke, talking about the difficulties of working with her husband in the family firm.

    From what I heard, the sum total of Pink Photos staff were Scott Redgrave and his (gay) partner. His comment ("Everyone we employ is 100% gay and committed to the cause") would therefore appear to be a statement of fact, rather than a statement of intent. I agree it was a bit of a tub thumping statement, but hardly offensive, in the context of a company that specialises in photographing (mainly gay) civil partnership ceremonies. By the same token, you would not get very far arguing that a firm which said it specialised in "wedding photography" (which can only refer to a heterosexual ceremony) was discriminatory.

    I would never condone any employer declaring he or she would only ever recruit from one section of society and, indeed, it would probably be unlawful for him or her to do so. Most family business are, however, necessarily discriminating, in that they recruit from a very narrow section of society; that is, from members of the same family. Would you have complained about an employer who had said on the same programme, "Everyone we employ is a member of my family and committed to the family" and had gone unchallenged by Heather Payton?
  13. Fang_Farrier

    Fang_Farrier LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Very similar to some of the awards such as MOBO(music of Black Origin) if there was a White only music award ceremony then it would be banned, not that it bothers me, just making a debate point.
  14. With the MOBOs, they award black music not necessarily just black people making black music. The reason why it began in the first place was due to the 'mainstream' music awards mostly directed at rock, pop, classical, etc and none/very little for those who sings or make black music - like the majority of them still are.

    Whether or not the staffing of Pink Photos is the owner and his partner or not, to make such a statement in a public arena would make a straight person think they could not be employable in their company. Bit like forseeable positive discrimination in a way.... like someone said, if the boot was on the other foot, some whoofer would on the steps of a tribunal/high court quicker than any BBC reply to a public complaint.