Gay Movie Shock! Journo Walt In Kabul!

OK this is from Tim Albone who is a good Journo and a proven freind of British Forces - he's also not afraid to poke fun at himself

Kabul is one of those places where anything seems possible.
You can drink a bottle of wine in a French restaurant, swim in a pool at the UN guest house or work as an extra on a Bollywood film.
I can now proudly say I have done all three after I got to play a US Special Forces soldier in the Bollywood film Kabul Express.
The film is the first Bollywood film to be filmed exclusively in Afghanistan and I hate to admit it but they were desperate.
An email was doing the rounds in Kabul, it said they were seeking “American/European dudes, butch types” who were available “for a few scenes.”

I had two things going for me, I was European and available. I certainly wasn’t a dude and I have never been described as butch.
However the bragging rights were too good to pass up, I posed for the requisite photo, I slicked back my hair and puffed out my cheeks. Butch was a mindset I told myself as I emailed off the photo.
Days past and I heard nothing, I wasn’t to be put off. I went to bars where the mercenary sorts hung out, I saw a fight, I chewed tobacco and I asked questions, lots of questions.

At first they laughed, they told me I was too skinny, that my hair was too long and that I didn’t have the killer look in my eye. They had a point, a very good point, but I was desperate to be in a Bollywood film. I reminded them of Lance, the surfer in Apocalypse Now, he didn’t look like a killer I said.

I had no idea where I was I tried to be cool and I couldn’t even manage that. Hours of watching Black Hawk Down and Rambo failed to comfort me and when the call came to tell me I had the part I was filled with fear.
When filming started my fear of making a fool of myself was replaced by a very real fear that I might lose my life.

I was dressed in a US army uniform 15 miles outside of Kabul with nothing to protect myself but a plastic machine gun and a few Afghan policemen. The Afghan police looked more interested in preening themselves in tiny hand held mirrors than fighting off would be attackers. I might as well have had a target on me. I was told that when the big stars were filming, they were currently sunning it up in India and Singapore, the army set up check points in the hills above us. No such luxury was afforded to mere extras.

It was also mentioned that one of the villages we had passed through on the way to the shoot had Taleban sympathies.

The film has now been released and initial reviews are not great, one reviewer on a Bollywood website, said: “"This movie seems gay especially when they mension [sic] wasama [sic] bin laden it's probably one of the gayest movie ever made..."

Article in full with warry photo

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