Gay mortarmen and Royals with rollmats

3 Para mortars and people with Green berets ( not scouts)
I don't quite follow your point, what don't you get? A slur would indicate that it was a ficticious story, when in reality it is very, very true. Lets face it the 40 Cdo stuff has been widely disseminated throughout the Meedja, as for 3 PARA Mortars well......
Well, I think the problem is that I was away when the video (?) of the Marines came out. Anyone know where it can be seen? Would one want to see it?

Is there any similar story behind the mortars or is this just a matter of longstanding tradition, like rum, bum 'n' baccy for the Navy?
In the 80s 3 Para Mortars would have been found swimming in Michael Barrymore's pool with manfat dribbling out of their ears.
Door_Bundle_Mk2 said:
Other way round I think.

In the 80s Michael Barrymore would have been found swimming in 3 Para Mortars pool with manfat dribbling out of his ears.


Gay Royals and mortarmen with rollmats.

Private Pike:

The quote is:

"What is your name?"
"Dont tell him, Pike."

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