Gay Military Dating?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by longtimeout, Dec 19, 2008.

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  1. Why oh why do I always seem to get an ad for Gay Military Dating at the bottom of my screen?

    Last time I heard, what happened on tour stayed on tour, and anyway, I never use this computer for porn browsing. That's what my laptop is for. Does the interweb know something about me that i don't?

    Can anyone tell me how to fool the system into trying to sell me something else. Anything. I'd settle for some banner ads for airsoft weapons or IBA courses if that's what it takes.

  2. ...your just trying to fool yourself.
  3. And another thing - it's a Septic site!

    Don't HM Forces have enough "men of flexible orientation"? Are you resorting to importing them now?
  4. Long time out of what LTO? The closet? 8O

  5. ... Graham Nortons turd pipe?
  6. 3 Para Mortars?
  7. 8 inch uncut top seeks cute bear to cuddle and snuggle xxxx
  8. In my day gayers would have been ceremoniously bummed i mean burned
  9. I'm not gay,but I've kissed a man who is.

    (As he posts on here,I will not mention any names)
  10. One for all the Guardsman on here !!!!
  11. You know you're anyones after a couple of sips of cider, just ask snuggles
  12. It wasn't you.It was a real man.
  13. Do you know sometimes when you're typing and that wee "mark" at the corner of the screen catches your eye. The mark you've tried to rub off but it won't budge? That'a actually a camera and it's recording EVERYTHING you look at online. Tracking the sites you visit. I get a lot of sports related ads, my sis gets music related ads and you get .................oh yeah, gay military dating ads :wink: