Gay Military Dating?

Why are there ads for this all over the site? I understand that if they pay for it their ads should be on the site, but they're even in some posts.
The ads on here usually relate to the subject matter of the thread, and I certainly haven't noticed a preponderance of these ads. This leads to one of two possible conclusions;
You are reading or contributing to many threads which deal with homosexuality, or
These ads are catching your eye more than they are anyone else's.
Both of these would seem to say something about you.
I haven't seen any - they must be targetting you. Better get your tin foil hat on sharpish...
I also saw one this morning - a bit worrying. Particularly as their targeting would imply I have a taste for seedy looking turks.


With this being Arrse I have only seen gay lads ads and posts. Will there be lezzers ones? just out of curiosity
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