Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Wynn_Goyver, Aug 1, 2002.

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  1. Just looking!
  2. we actually had one.
    Fairplay to the bloke for 'coming out', but he got a lot of stick from the lads.
    It didn't help his case when he was caught giving another man a BJ in the bar after hours. Shame, I liked him.
  3. ......if he was caught giving another bloke a BJ in the bar......wouldn't that suggest that you had two then?..I can see why they keep you behind the bar in your Drill Hall.....your not very clever are you?
  4. wind your neck in fcuk face - it wasn't my bar and the other lad was ex-serving. Not very clever are you?
  5. .....ex - serving?  what in the TA?  does that mean he was a full time civvy then.........and you've already admitted several times on this site that you work behind the I'll stick with my belief that you are as thick as mince!  Your probably very plain as well.   RLC perhaps?    You've got the profile!
  6. MA, wouldn't it be funny if you actually knew SB and had actually met her recently but not known it?
  7. ex reg actually. You're obviously hung up on my looks - mentioning several times that you think I'm plain. I dare you to post a photo of your good self and we can all make a judgement on you.
    You're the can of Breaker I was referring to in a different thread, cheap and nasty!
  8. He couldn't possibly have met me, because I'd have drop kicked a w@nker like that long before now!
  9. Shadow........what end of that BJ were you on?   SB ...we have met.     I'll stick with my first thoughts........plain, mouthy and just full of it.    
  10. Identify yourself Ma
  11. MA, despite what you'd obviously like to think I'm only ever on the receiving end.  You're right that I prefer giving a related sort of pleasure, but never a BJ to another man.  Maybe thats where you got confused.
  12. You obviously hate me very much MA and I can't think of one reason why anyone would hate me. Unless of course I blew you out once and you've never got over it! ;D
  13. SB - Be realistic.  Ma identify himself?  This steely eyed trained killer lurks in the shadows and only leaves them to make rude gestures behind someone's back.  Let him stay up in his room alone, as usual, with his glossy mags, "bulling" his kit.
  14. Ma, i think you and SB better exchange mails and that, cos it's all getting a bit nasty. If you're who I think u are, I know you're always up for the windup, but tempers look like they're getting frayed.

    On the other hand, if you're a journalist, or Int. with fcuk all else to do..........
  15. PTP - All of Ma's posts seem pretty bitchy.  There is wind up and there is bitter & twisted.  Ma appears to be in the latter camp.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.