Gay Knee Pads for Fannies with sore knees.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Bad_Crow, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. My Knees are sore and i'm a fanny. :oops: Does anybody know where you can buy them Septic Knee pads for a decent price. None of this our own issue sh1te they have snapped on me and arent firm enough. If it helps I only want one for my right knee!!!

    Cheers for any help i get!

  2. How about 54sqnrct's lovely big beret will that do? with his head still in it!
  3. Could be worse mate - sore Fanny?
  4. Any surf and skate shop in the country.
  5. Nah thats better served as a medicine ball down the gym.
  6. Didn't think of that... Good skills batman. Do you reckon I will be able to get them in a sensible colour, if not i cant just buy spray paint.
  7. Shouldn't be a problem. Don't forget the Oakley goggles when you're there. :) Don't spray paint them- it might weaken the plastic.
  8. how about these .... f ucking bargain ..

  9. How about what exactly???

    As for the goggles. Jib that i still have my brown issue chuck norris bad boys with plastic side bits. Im issue all the way until something goes wrong!
  10. Halfords, think you get a forces discount,well just tell them you do their to young to know better :wink: Any hows only £6.99 a pair.
  11. Good spot. I will have a nose. Ideally im after something firm but flexible with grip (rubber maybe) dont want to be slipping all around the shop!!!

  12. It might also prevent you from seeing through them hehehehe
  13. BC , there's a thread in the TA bit on this , as we are especially gay , and don't like it when our knees hurt when it looks like rain :D

    I recommend Bauer skateboard kneepads for general one knee with a Bergan , and molesting buildings. I would also say the elbow pads too , to avoid that "Oh fcuk I hurt meself" feeling banging your elbows against sharp edges that you attract when molesting said buildings.
  14. Blimey, hard to please!I reckon you could get away with wearing them under CS95, QM may wonder why you keep wearing ferk off holes in them though. Any bike shop will do but normally retail for about £18, so these are a bargain or perhaps for children??
  15. Try ARCO Health and Safety retail outlets. Knee pads for joiners, carpet fitters etc, they are hard wearing and don't have the pink gay glittery bits that the girls rollerblading pads have.
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