Gay in the army

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Carter25, May 29, 2008.

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  1. My boyfriend has just started his basic training and he is worried sick people will find out that he is gay. I am also worried what other peoples reaction would be as he has always wanted to do this and think that if people knew he would leave. He is quite a sensitive soul too and may not even fit in. What is it like to be gay now in the army and how will it affect him if people knew?
  2. Tell us his name. Then we will look after him.
  3. Do you think many people from outside the south east of England will get that reference.
  4. Sorry,

    Just to clarify, 'iron hoof' =
  5. Don't be 'scene', don't play the victim all the time, don't join sh1te like Proud2Serve, work hard and play hard, join in the banter (i.e 'only poofs shag women') and you'll be fine. I survived being gay in the army before it was legal and it is easy as long as you act like a squaddie, not like a professional victim. That is true for ethnic minorities, women, trans-gendered people, gwars, train-spotters etc etc. If you're one of the lads, no-one will care what you get up to down town of a weekend. Have fun!
  6. The British Army is an Equal Opportunities Employer, so your BF will be welcomed with open arms, especially in 3 Para mortars.
    He's not Non European and a member of Greenpeace as well is he? He'd be a Sergeant in a week.
  7. Utter bollocks! Gwars are professional victims because they are picked on at every opportunity(with good reason the bus-stop smelling bastards).
  8. Same as storemen really, you shiney-arrsed slug of a 'soldier' :wink:
  9. I'm going out on a limb here, but my gut feeling is if he's honest about it, not ashamed and acts like its no big thing (which it shouldn't be) [that was not a deliberate pun, but I'll leave it in for posterity] then he shouldn't have a problem. Yes, he'll get teased. Yes, he may even get bullied. But no more than a filthy ginger/taff/jockanese/shortartse/tallarse/fatarse/bigears etc etc.
    At the end of the day, people who are genuinely bullying him (if there are those who do) will get bored if he acts maturely about it "yes, I'm gay. And...?" and doesn't expect any special treatment on the 'equality and diversity' side of things, then he'll do well. Surviving basic is about strength of character. Strength to get up in the morning. Strength not to tell the DS to go forth and multiply when they send you running to a tree in the distance for forgetting something. Strength to throw yourself at that 12' wall even though you've failed to get over it the three previous times, and physics and biology are against you. Strength to keep your legs moving on that two miler. Get the picture?

    If he can be a man about things, take banter on the chin like everyone else, and not play the 'discrimination' card he will do fine. In fact, I would suggest that strength of character would make him more respected to his peers. Those that don't recognise it? Fcuk em.

    With all this furore about a certain ex-para at the moment, things may seem pretty hostile to those who make different choices for themselves. But those who are honest from the start, and keep that integrity and maturity to mind will be alright. He'll get shit for it - in a calling that praises the most manly of attributes, someone who doesn't want to bring a slapper back to the block and twos up her will get noticed. But if he can find the strength of character to rise above that, have the courage to be slightly different - without being ashamed of it, then he'll do very well.
  10. Shiny arses are sup cons (they are the ones who fuck up the paper wotk) I am a sup spec (the ones who steal everything of the shop floor).

    Am I alone in thinking this is a WAH and should not get any serious answers?
  11. Nail on the head there, Sarnian.

    Carter25 - believe me it's a hell of a lot harder to come out than to be honest right from the start. We didn't have the opportunity to do that up until about 8 years ago. Just make sure he doesn't 'ghetto-ise' himself and doesn't make it a big issue. He'll probably get a bit of crap but that is infinitely preferable to living a lie.
  12. May not be the best course of action, I hear it hurts :)
  13. 'Gay in the army'

    He should be alright.....I left before they made it compulsory.