Gay for pay

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by gobbyidiot, Nov 20, 2009.

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  1. The whole Belle de Jour thing got me thinking about the topic of "doing disgusting things for money". I remember a Louis Theroux thing from years ago, and the whole notion of (supposedly) straight blokes taking it up the Gary Glitter for money was the topic.

    Questions which arise.

    If there is any sum of money which would make you consider it are you as latent as ........., a latent thing, heat, whatever.

    If you would consider it for (for the sake of argument £2m), would taking £1.8m if they were "fit" make it worse?

    Is lubricant physically better but psychologically worse, once the decision has been made?

    [It's a Friday, my mind is free associating :lol: ]
  2. Is there something you want to share with the group?

    And to answer your question. No. It's me piles,see.

    PS We went down this particular Strasse with the whole "sucking off tramps" thing.
  3. I'd let any fcuker bum me if they paid off my mortgage!
  4. I'd take a black man's marrow up my hoop for a cool million. If I'm going to be shafted by someone anyway it may as well be someone who's going to pay me for a change.

    Go tell your mates. ;)
  5. And I still hold that introducing the whole money thing risks spoiling the purity of the amateur game.

    Gobby, if you're that desperate then ok but it'll cost you. And no kissing. Well, not with tongues anyway. And the only ATM I want to hear about is you drawing the money out your bank.
  6. Any thing to pay the bloody overdraft of as got to be good but i would expect a reach around.
  7. just spat my tea out!! awesome

  8. tea? its friday evening...

    you are gay and I claim my 5pounds
  9. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Don't forget that you will have to pay tax on your earnings, and will therefore get shafted twice!!!! :lol:
  10. If someone agreed to pay the balance of my mortgage, I would gladly suck a tramps co-ck.

    I would even allow certain caveats that made the ordeal even more horrific as long as it meant that I could tell the Halifax to bowl off at the end of it.

    Caveats such as:

    No insisting that the paraffin dhobies his bits prior to the deed.
    No picking the croutons out of his pubes first.
    Tramp must be sucked off to a 'fully comp' standard.
    No spitting out of the tramps own 'white lightning'.
    Other tramps to stand round in a semi-circle making critical comments about my style.

    Please feel free to add other conditions to the job and i'll see if there's one that would put me off enough to sack it and continue paying my mortgage till i'm fifty-fcuking-six.
  11. and a sneaky tramp comes up behind you and cock slaps you around the face just to let you know how low you've sunken!
  12. have you not read this thread im gay if you pay me enough! now to time to man up and drink some beer with the boys playing poker....... ow poker how many inuendos (how ever you spell it)
  13. looking at this logically anyone wanting a squaddie to take a length of his man meat for £2million when he can hire a male escort for £300 an hour is upto something! Will this be broadcast on the internet, he could make £6million in pay per view to the Middle East alone.
    Will a bill board be erected in marble arch of you taking an erection up your marble arch?
    Is there a possibility of you become a social out cast and for ever mocked?
    Will you retain the film and book rights of you homo ordeal?

    How long will the buggery last? You don't want Sting sodomising you tantric style for 8 days solid!!!!
  14. Unless you're being paid by the hour.
  15. From a proffesional point of view there is no real "Gay for Pay" the guys I know who have said they were only "Gay for Pay" are very metrosexual in my point of view, So being Bisexual or at least bi-curious. I would not take it up the arse for the normal flat rate of £180 an hour, however if someone where to offer me £2Million I'd push back and make out I was enjoying it.