Gay fly Boys?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by goddess, Nov 7, 2004.

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  1. They seem so mincy......Why?

  2. Are they a pop group?
  3. Blue or green, they all smoke the blue-veined havana.
  4. Been knocked back by one for being a tubby, frumpy, ming troll?

    Did one pump you full of promises then pump you full of glue then do one?
  5. Its cos I went with one of the ones that sits in the back and has the job of opening and closing the door, but on the night he couldnt get it up unless we had a bob the builder video playing in the background, and anyway, he was hung like a water- vole
  6. But you went with him anyway?

    My word you must have been desperate, Door gunners only go for baggy mittens that do all the work, swallow and take in in the brown pipe.. then throw em a bog roll and them enm to get out

    You should have more respect for yourself
  7. The one i went with was so fat and horrible, and when i was attemting to coax up a woody by blowing him, i had his beer gut resting on my head, but it didnt work cos he was more interested in lofty the cranes exhaust pipe
  8. but you blew him all the same?
  9. Perhaps the title of the thread should read

    'Hooked on aircrew c0ck'

    'Can't guzzle enough gunners, even if they are rotund'

    'Trying for a bite and failing at the first hurdle'
  10. Guzzle? It was barely even tapping my front tooth.
  11. Perhaps you failed to arouse him....

    You surprise me, didn't think you had your front teeth

    gunner are lovegods, but if you are too hideous to give him wood then you have problems... I mean I have seen some of the growlers that Flash and Aunty have been through, they managed wood, you must be a real horror, as one of Aunties had a glass eye and facial burns that would make Nikki Lauder look good
  12. is Flash one of those blokes who sits in the front and drives? he told me that one of the door gunners jobs is to pull on his cyclic for him if he is to tired,
    this door gunner bloke i went with stole my guinea pig and i found him rubbing it up and down his thing, and he stole some of my pants as well, cos they were on his head and he was sucking on the wheel skid in the gusset.
  13. Yeah they do that when the hog they pull is just too

    a. Hideous
    b. Smelly
    c. offensive

    to get in the sack...

    They then set about degrading the minger as much as possible, check your washing cupboard he has probably lagged in there, and I'll bet he took a dump in your bath.
  14. so why are all you blokes in aac all naturally a bit buffty? is it cos you get to work with big choppers and wear tight overalls?
  15. MDN have you got a new love interest?
    Sounds like a match made in heaven....... :roll:

    Beebs x

    PS Note to midwife the young of this union are to be drowned in a strategically placed bucket at birth..... :evil: