Gay driver must remove poofter plates

Gay driver must remove 'poofter' plates

Whomsoever said that Americans don't get irony was dead on!

A gay Virginia man has been told to remove his car licence plates that read 'POOFTER' because authorities deem them offensive, although the word is rarely used in America.

David Phillips plans to challenge the order after using the personally-chosen plates for 11 years. He assumes someone complained to the state's driving office.

He told the Washington Post that no one had ever complained to him, because only Britons or those with British connections could understand its usage as slang for homosexual.

Mr Phillips first heard the word used by Boy George in a television interview in America and does not consider it pejorative. "It's just an amusing word that I self-identify with," he said.
and how would the gay community react if it became compulsory?
Perhaps I'd better sell my 1H8 H0MS plate to Jim Davidson then!
Perhaps he could re-register as mincer, fudge packer, uphill gardener, chutney ferret, friend of Dorothy, confirmed bachelor, woofter, nancy boy, etc etc...

I wonder if the the US authorities would recognise those too?


War Hero
He's already chosen a replacement

Maybe it has something to do with this. not gay
When I was in London a chap in our road had a plate similar to one above and that was BOL10X there was another I saw which was PEN15 and the 5 had been rounded of a bit

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