Gay bi or curious

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by disneyworld, Sep 5, 2003.

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  1. Does anyone have any problems with gays in the army.
    my room mate once said whats the difference between a boys mouth and a girls mouth. exactly.
  2. Someone with far more intelligence than me once said;

    'Men don't like taking showers with men who like taking showers with men'. I'd agree with that.

    I've no major drama, then again I joined up when it was still regarded as a crime leading to nick and discharge (from the army!, stop it now!); and so am of a generation that had to change their attitude from 'f**king poof deserves a kicking' to 'Live and let live'.

    Each to his/her own, but you must always take the wishes of the majority into account first.
  3. IS Ski Geek

    IS Ski Geek War Hero Moderator

    no problems with it as long as i dont walk into a room and catch a bloke benching another bloke :oops:
  4. The main concern seems to be "Stay away from my arse you F**kin ponce!!" Which seems to be a strange way of questioning your own sexuality. I do believe that live and let live is the only viable attitude now as almost all of us will be working with someone who is still in the closet so to say, and probably have been for years without ever worrying about it. Let em get on with it I say, 'cept if its girls then can I watch???
  5. Another problem being that deep blue is so far in the closet he's in f**kin Narnia :wink:
  6. I have never f**ked Narnia.....or her sister!! Its a very big closet and its very dark in here..........
  7. During my tours with Tactical Comms Wing, I have visited many army fixed hilltop sites. An abiding memory will always be those lycra clad Radio Relay techs working out together in the weights room.

    Their bodies always seemed to have a glint of baby oil about them

    I'm sure there was nothing untoward, and certainly not in the workshops in 264 either!!
  8. Wrong wrong wrong wrong.!!

    I fully understand that the Army isn't a democracy but the Government of the day IS. The majority is every thing. The majority say NO them NO it is.

    White light, white light (POW)
  9. It strikes me that if you proffer anything less than a wholehearted embrace for every minority or single issue group you are homophobic or racist.

    This sentiment straight from the JSEOTC (Joint Service Equal Opportunities Centre). A heterosexual guy who objects to sharing a room with a homosexual guy is being prejudicial to the him, as is anyone who supports his objection or moves him to another room.

    Perhaps I misunderstood the ethos of our current policies but I thought it meant respect for everybodies rights and privacy provided that it did'nt impact on operational effectiveness. Does this include heterosexuals as well?
  10. It all comes down to confidence.

    Could be confidence in your personalities to handle the challenge, could be confidence in which you were told which is the only way you'd have found out.

    I'm quite confident that no self respecting gay man would fancy my arse. :lol:

    Some of you may be displaying some arrogance thinking you're fanciable to these members of our Army :twisted:


    Fat Blerk
  11. Being a bum bandit used to be illegal. Just because a load of poofs bleat on about their right to put their pr**s up each other ARRSEs it becomes legal. Why stop there? If the necrophiliacs or paedos make enough noise, will the EU Court of Human Rights make that legal too??

    Filthy perverts.....should all be used for mine clearance and bomb disposal.
  12. If a straight soldier is offended by sharing a room with a gay soldier, then that is acceptable. When will the day come when a gay soldier is offended by sharing a room with a straight soldier?
    In years gone by we all accepted that gay female soldiers were barracked together (whole squadrons at a time). Will this ever come to the same scenario with male soldiers? Will the same be acceptable?

    My poop shoot is exit only
  13. cant stand them poofters not natural
  14. NOt to sure about this issue,

    I dont think i would like to live in the same room as a poof,

    What happens when ya have had one to many wife beaters and pass out in your room... prob have a very sore arse int he morning!!

    Its morally wrong.

    but then again theres been poof for years, just look at the navy!!
  15. Not much difference in the mouth dept. but their knackers are distinctly dissimiliar. :roll: