Gay b4 Bed?

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Iceberg, Dec 22, 2005.

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  1. Heard a Cpl going on about this, whats the rules?

    Sound like a dodgy ED game to me
  2. Yeah, I heard it was an ED tradition!

    Saw two stabs playin it once! One dude was suckin the other blokes cock! Right in the middle of town as well!

    Bet they thought it was clever!
  3. I believe is a dare game where you try to see how far you'll go. The winner is the one who goes the furthest.

    Yep definately a gay alert
  4. was a recruit in a Taxi with em?
  5. Taxi, no they weren't in a taxi. It was outside some club.

    Don't even know if they were stabs, I just presumed so as there was a big group of em and they were all being a bunch of army nobs and playin stupid games such as this gay bed thing.
  6. Why did u think they were TA then? TA are normally quite placid, especially Signals.
  7. I'm thinking...

  8. From past experience with the TA. Just noticed there lacking in persec and shouting stuff out in the club etc.

    What makes you say "Especially Signals?" no one mentioned anything to do with signals apart from this being the signals forum. I'm guessing you've witnessed something like this before then?
  9. Apart from the first post that says "sounds like an ED game" you mean?
  10. Hold the press! Gay before Bed! ED game! Two guys outside a club with loads of stabs! Recruit in a cab!

    It can only mean one thing!

    38 have bee through!
  11. No shit Sherlock, try reading the posts above.

    p.s. One of the guys in the incident I heard about reckoned it was being done in the gulf
  12. I'm not sure its an ED game, its a game for repressed homosexuals to out themselves to each other. The big gay claxon is sounding!!!


  13. Yeah that’d be the badge!

    Oh one of them there "During the war, we used to see how gay we could get by sucking each other off" Kinda things?
  14. Possibly? I backed away and went to talk to the ladies in the SW