Gawf... sometimes I even amaze myself...

The law of sod states that as soon as I steped out of my house to cycle to work, it started pissing down. So I arrive at work soaking wet, even my socks, the water had run down my legs and into the top of my Boots. When I walked I made a squelching sound. Now here's me wondering what to do about it. Boots are easy, stuff em full of paper towls from the toilets, jobs a good 'un. But the socks?

A washing line is unavlible and impratical in the time frame. A tumble dryer is also out becuase there isn't one in the building. So that got me thinking, Something that is hot and goes round.... MIRCOWAVE!

Who do I hate enougth to put my socks where they're food is going? So I wait until everyones left the building slap each sock in for a couple of minuets, nice and dry! Only problem is the chesse smelling steam cloud... Hey ho.

So I try it with my gloves, and hte bloody thing melts! :roll: :lol:
Did something similar in 1982, when microwaves were fairly new, with the old combat cap. 10 seconds - nothing. 20 seconds - nothing, not even warm. Bold adjustment - go for 1 min. Within 40 seconds, the cap was in flames, oh dear.

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