Gavin Henson's making friends

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by DrunkenIrish, Jul 12, 2013.

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  1. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ha!

    The stupid prick. Talent by the bucket loads, charisma and work ethic of a sloth.
  2. Me thinketh the guy who punched him might in future be known as colleague rather than mate.

    Mr Henson your stance neither allowed you, to go on the offensive or indeed as shown, be defensive, no UFC career for you post rugby.
  3. I'm really pleased Henson is now a Bath player.......................

 a Bristol fan!
  4. He did give us the Muppets though so fair play to the chappie.
  5. Great shot though. The boy has quick hands. Couldn't have happened to a bigger tosser
  6. As a Bath fan I am totally unimpressed that we signed him in the first place. We seem to make a habit of signing former 'stars' who turn out to be overpaid has beens who are clearly well past their sell by dates and seem to view Bath as some kind of resettlement package; take you pick from Ieuan Evans, Lewis Moody or Stephen Donald but there are plenty of others.
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  7. The man is an unmitigated ********, I don't know why any rubgy club, let alone the WRU, bother with him. He's only suited to necking down Strongbow in some Valleyite shithole....
  8. He has the kind of face that you would never get tired of giving a good ******* shoeing if you found it staring up at you from the bottom of a ruck...
  9. From hero to zero - what a ******* embarrassment he's making of himself.

    Can't blame Charlotte for dumping him in favour of me. Oh, hang on .....
  10. Gifted player who has wasted most of his talent by being a cock with his various altercations. Age wise he is not far from being over the hill and has little time left to establish a legacy. I love that his team mates just left him on the floor for 5 minutes then propped him in a chair. Stupid stupid man.
  11. For once we agree on something. I couldn't believe Bath signed that tit in the 1st place.

    Abercwboi 3rds are looking for a centre I hear.

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  12. Fixed.....according to the rumour I heard

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  13. He's a bell end. But that said the flanker who twatted him is surely going to be sacked for gross misconduct. Publicly knocking out a colleague is a sure fire way to get a p45.