Gavin Henson

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Howling_Wolf, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. Just watched the opening moments of Wales v. Ireland last weekend again.. Was very impressed with the singing of the Welsh National Anthem, especially the shots of the team except for Henson who just stood there, lips sealed and a facial expression reminiscent of a sulking school boy outside the headmasters office.

    Was he sulking or does he always show negative body language?
  2. Maybe he doesn't know the words. I don't even know the words to the English National anthem. lol
  3. Lets hope that Henson is not chosen to play in the six nations next time they play ,He may have been good once playing rugby .
    Now he just don't put enough effort in to supporting wales .
  4. Go away Chubb. That must be 300 usernames you've been banned under now? Sad tit.
  5. Be fair to the lad, Henson not Chubb, he is a good boy, always in Church on a sunday morning!

    Thats not olden, its golden.

    I'll get my coat.
  6. Really???? some people think thats a marriage of convenience ;)
  7. Some conveiniance. As soon as she had him trapped whe started banging out kids like a council estate chav.

    As for Henson, if he put as much effort into playing as he did into being "controversial" he'd be a hell of a lot better.

    He's undoubtedly talented but we've not seen it since 2005.
  8. He was carried off in the game today against Gloucester.

    I heard that he has broken his hair.
  9. Henson...........grrrr, if he spent less time trying to make a name for himself by writting shit books, getting char up the duff and more time working on the flashes of brilliance we saw when he first came into the limelight Wales and the Ospreys would be a hell of a lot better off. My dad said today that he was Wales Jonny Wilkinson, I said yes only more orange and less humble.

    Edited to say:

    He should know the words, he went to the same school as ****** tosspotting shit head and he knows all the words...........hell I'm only plastic Welsh ( as sandstone keeps reminding me) and even I know all the words
  10. You'd keep your trap shut if you had tuffs of manky Welsh womans pubic hair stuck between your teeth.
  11. Didn't know you were Welsh also ? As your words are exactly what I think,as do a fair few other Welshmen...
  12. Henson is to Welsh rugby, what Beckham is to English football.
    Well, thats what Henson likes to think anyway.

    He is clearly talented, but puts no effort into his work.
    As to 2005, all he did was make one tackle & kick one (crucial, I admit) penalty in the England game.
    He was anonymous in every other game.
    Last year it seemed like he'd woken up & was playing for the team.
    This year it all fell apart again. He kept looking for the glory move/try instead of playing for the team.

    His father & mother were customers of mine and are a really nice couple.
    Shame he seems such a twat.
  13. To be fair I think this was the problem with most of the Wales team this 6 nations
  14. Henson lilely to miss the Lions tour as out for the next 6 weeks with ankle ligament damage
  15. I think he was likely to miss the Lions tour , even if he was fit!