Gave my details, changed my mind

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Mikey---H, Nov 7, 2010.

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  1. Hi, i went down to the careers office yesterday with a mate of mine who was going with the intention of joining the regular army, and i agreed to keep him company and pop down to ask them some questions myself. I'd seen a dog handler vacancy on the amry jobs website so i asked him about it, and he said absolutely no chance if you've had no experience working with animals.

    Anyway, at the time i were taken in by it all after he told me the amount of other jobs you can do etc. and ended up giving my details, and he gave me a date for a reception brief in a couple of weeks. After coming home and telling my misses etc and been researching how much time you get to go home, i think in my circumstance joining the T.A's for the experience and see how much i do or dont enjoy it would have been better. If i phone them up now and let them know i wont be attending the reception brief, will they hold it against me joining the TA's, thinking ill be a let down.

  2. Sorry Mike, this is the Army. You WILL be attending the Reception Brief.
  3. Two minutes after your post appeared, a detail will have been ordered up to watch your every move. In about an hour, go upstairs and take a look outside from behind your curtains..specifically look for any lampposts that look a bit fatter than usual or lumpy hedges.
  4. Haha thanks!!
    Just phoned them up anyway before i got wound up on here lol
  5. you should go ,it wont hurt you, and you might go home with never list some more info for you, so should go..thats my opinion :)
  6. Theres no obligation throughout the whole process, just give them a quick call to say youve changed your mind and if you were put on the system you will just be withdrawn.....its just common decency to let them know.
  7. You haven't signed up or been sworn in, so no worries, but as T I said it would be polite to call them and have yourself took off the system and free up the slot for someone else
  8. Did you find a shilling in any tea/coffee/ale that they gave you?
  9. Some of the replies you get on this Forum crack me up :excited:
  10. chrisg46

    chrisg46 LE Book Reviewer

    The TA's??