Gauges for Lee Enfield and Mauser

Greetings all,
I have got to inspect some Lee Enfields & a Mauser at some point.
Rather than just visiual I would like to be able to gauge these as they are used for shooting by our unit shooting club.

Many thanks in advance


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Make them yourself. Isn't too difficult.


Ravers is right, you could do the auction route and look out for bits but you are far better of knocking some up!

Edited to add an Aussie website was flogging repro guages for Lee Enfields a few years ago!
As much as I hate them E Bay was a good source too!
Phone DSG Warminster or Donnington - There must be a set kicking around in the dark corners behind the 40plus porn mags.
Arrowmark of Australia make decent service-spec gauges (do not buy US SAAMI gauges, which are the wrong spec); their agents in UK are Jim and Geoffrey of "EFD" EFD Rifles - The Enfield Specialists

For .303" Enfields. the only gauge you need is the .074" headspace gauge, as bore variations render bore gauges irrelevant - a visual inspection is best.

If the rifles are in 7.62mm, then there are a number of headspace specs, depending upon which type of weapon it is....


Feck me they would have to be seriously old to be guaging in .303. 4T is right about EFD, ok if a little sharp at times and a lovely place to visit to watch deer in their back garden. I cant think though that there would be too many brown coats left who would have inspected even acf .303's. I know of one who retired after 25 about 10 years ago who can still remember his stuff for the L39 and 42 but the local ATC mob get their No8's serviced at the long retired gunsmith two towns away!
Where you at mate, I've got field gauges for .303 & 5.56 but I'm in north of Scotland.
Cheers everyone, will try DSG first, then SEME- I'm sure some of the 'older' instructors might have something knocking about!
Capt Peter Laidler at the Warminster Collection of course has all the gauges, and is an authority on Enfields - having worked on them until their end of service. I'm sure Warminster would help out, if its a Service club that needs the weapons checks.

I'm an Enfield-specialist RFD/collector, if you need a hand with anything. I'm just south of London.


I'm sure many Arrssers can vouch for 4T. I for one!
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