Gaucho belts - the latest naff officer accessory?

Gaucho belts?

Will the rest of the Gaucho dress style come into fashion?

village people moustache,
Leather waistcoat,
Assless chaps
I remember one of the young officers at the QRL used to wear a 1930's vintage tweed 3 piece that didn't fit him.
He said it had belonged to his great grandfather. Strangely nobody seemed to laugh at him, just accepted that as a "proper" toff he could ignore convention at will and get away with it.
Wait until you see someone complete with fully matching collar and lead for their dog.

That's special.
That would be our old adjt! The dogs were called Baker and Bugle. Thoroughly decent bloke though.
They've been around for years. I didn't really see them as an "Officer" thing, more often seen on Horse types.
Having been taught to operate a horse by some nice chaps at Combermere Bks (Windsor), I have previous toyed with the idea of getting one.

However I started picking these up in the souk when I'm in Morocco. They are suitably gaudy, but at least they are a bit more individual I suppose. Essentially a Leather belt with Berber carpet attached. fairly infinaite range of pattens, I normally pay about 120 dinar (about £10).
belt 2.jpg
It's just another way for the chinless to clone themselves. Now that they've realised that Senior NCOs are all wearing pseudo toff clothing (you're cavalry twill, chino, Samual Windsor, Charles Tyrwhitt, et al) they've decided to change their toff profile with some gaudy "look at me, I support (insert hard up community here)" by buying overpriced imported tat for the gullible rich
Charles Tyrwhitt: Toff wear?
The owner (those are his middle names) hand delivered a shirt for me the day before my wedding. I hadn't realised that his togs are now 'the thing' with the great and the good.

Members of all groups within society like to dress alike - it's part of belonging to a tribe.
It’s an orvis generated affectation

Orvis is the LE officers primark

If it costs a lot, is on a shelf next to some tweed, fly fishing tackle and salmon strides it must be posh

Strange innit that even grown up men have their own little group uniforms

Spot em a mile off and avoid
Forget the beret but I have err known some bikers who actually dress like that.
And surely chaps would have to be assless.
I thought the people interested in chaps wanted the asses... @jarrod248 can predictably confirm this
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