Gatwick parking

Flying out of Gatwick next month for 5 weeks and need to park my car. If it comes to it i will have to pay for secure parking but was wondering if there are any camps relatively close to the airport which might save me a small fortune in parking fees.

Any help would be much appreciated.
Not sure where you’re travelling from but what I normally do is drive across the day before and book into a B and B that has parking. They will charge you for it but it’s a damned sight cheaper than secure parking, and they will run you to the airport and pick you up when you return.
Aldershot straight into Gatwick about 1.5 hrs on train - if you have contacts in the garrison, then sorted! Not sure about the rail fare cost though.
Try the Worth Hotel, cheaper than car hire, parking included in room charge.
If you are flying Virgin, use twilight check in the night before, stay in hotel and go straight to gate the next morning.
Very little hassle.

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