Gatwick Airport Hotel with parking

Having had enough of travelling in the early hours of the morning to the airport, Im thinking of staying one night at Gatwick in a hotel that offers parking as well, google reveals a mind boggling array of offers at prices from £79.00 to £200 odd! Some of these include the cost of a transfer &breakfast, others do not.

Can any arrsers recomend any of the hotel & parking deals?
I've just booked the NCP by the airport, <£50 for a week and a hotel for the night at £30ish. Check the hotels out on trip advisor before you book, some offer transport to the airport and you leave your car at the hotel. What they don't tell you is there's 15 seats and it's first come first served and you need to book yourself a seat!

Google will chuck up a load of places.

I wanted the car near the airport so I could get the fu*k out of there asap once I land..
Gatwick Hotel

This hotel I stayed in when I went to New York just before Christmas.

They done a great deal on a one night stay and parking in the secure underground parking. and a mini bus to take you to the airport.

I did notice that a lot of air crew stay at this hotel aswell

Hope this helps
Premier Inn Gatwick Central and Longterm parking - cheap as, but handy


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Do you have any mates that travel regularly - and if so - at the Hilton chain?

If so - the ask to use their Hilton Honours poinst to book you into the most convenient hotel at Gatwick and everything becomes very cheap.
You could stay at my ex's house, just down the road. I'm sure she'd be fine with it, if you said I sent you. :twisted:

Edited 'cos some fcuker stole the 'o' out of 'you'!
Try the Mercure, (Spelling???)

We stayed there and the room was fantastic. We stayed at another the year before and it was a complete shite hole. Can't remember the name though.
Just saw this post on the search engine and thought I would say have you tried the Ramada, look nice and affordable room price. There is also the Hilton at the South terminal and if you use them you get Honors points. If you go to you can see more deals.

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