Gathering in Salisbury

Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by Acid_Tin, May 24, 2005.

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  1. It seems that a goodly crowd of youngish (18 - 99) ARRSErs want to RV in Salsibury on 18 Jun 05 for a roister-doister of epic proportions.

    This isn't my bag - I'm just holding it for Dale and LJH, who should be approached for key Coord Instrs (RV timings and locs etc) in the first instance.

    I can put people up if required, as long as you don't mind a 20-odd minute cab ride home at EndEx.

    Can we please make it fancy dress? Can I also ask that a certain amount of discretion is applied i.e. known wasters are not invited. I accept that this may mean that I am not invited.

    Let's make it a good one! :D
  2. For the third time of writing...

    I will be driving and currently have 2 spare seats in the Bintmobile, so if you live in the London / Kent area and would like a lift, PM me. (I promise to be sober! :wink: )
  3. 'Bumped' for those those in the UK / Europe time-zones...
  4. And right back to the top again!
  5. Sounds like a plan,

    whats the dress? and can we end up swimming by the bishops mill

  6. Dare we get into why the original thread(s) were removed?
  7. I am on a course at RAF LEEMING but should be able to make it . Any more details ? There is a travel inn in salisbury . We will have to watch our persec due to that provo bloke .
  8. Ref my last '' persec provo bloke'' i was joking by the way .
  9. I am in!

    Although I will not be announcing my log on as I will be fighting all night no doubt lol!
  10. I'm in! Looking forward to a good night!
  11. I can see it now: Hellfyyr & Calypso will be quoting doctrine & sub-paragraphs at each other all night... :roll: :lol:
  12. This assumes of course that you are actually able to SIT on the seats.

    As they will probably be covered in empty Vodka bottles. :wink: :mrgreen:

    Wish I could go. :cry:
  13. Actually, I will be, amongst others serenading DB lol....

    I am not that bad am I? :oops:
  14. I could take Calypso on Doctrine mind... :roll: I am a loser, I know....
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